Love the contrast from last night ;-)

It’s part of the latest series from me, called: 50 shitty one-min posts will be rewarded more than 1 well-thought out post on which I spent bloody days :-)

It is a terrible thing to say, but I reckon you are probably right... Please remember me when you are a whale with your new shitty one minute posts ;-)

Ha ha, your comment made me laugh. But yeah, I’ve done my maths on this one, and I haven’t come across a single non-investor who has managed to develop a loyal readership of more than a few. It’s almost unreal, but as many people are looking at my posts today as during my first week here. Except back then I didn’t know about the minnowsupport, which throws you the crumbs so you keep playing the game while hoping for a big break and some larger rewards. I’m afraid unless the algorithms change radically, this situation will go on for a long time, until the bubble bursts.

Nice one man, cheers :)

Carrot and apple. Cheers!

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