Enjoy a coffe sanger with my best friend

in drink •  5 months ago

Hello everyone ,hello steemian friends,i hope you all very healthy and succes every time

tonight I sat on the wifi with my friends, because we ran out of internet quota.

I again enjoy the sanger coffee cup, it's a bit bitter but I like it, because it can eliminate sleepy and can recover sultry, you all have to try it because the way of presentation is unique sangt use very small gaelas, but I am not satisfied because the content is a little friend, in a large glass, to satisfy everyone.

>enjoying the coffee while looking at the sky is very comfortable friend, we can see the beautiful terraces filled with beautiful stars too, besides I can chat with my friends, about personal life as well as about steemit, sanger coffee is really delicious, almost every time I go to wifi I order it because besides tasty cheap too, can save my expenses, because I still live in boarding place so should save more money, not to starve, you may aka. doing the same thing as I did.

hope you enjoy my story,please support me.


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I think it is great that you get together with friend and use the wifi and goid coffee. Are your friends on steemit too.


Yes sir ,my friend all play steemit