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Spring is already here, so it’s time to get on the road! Our project supporting people with disabilities is moving on. The more experience we have, the more inspiration we get and it always give us a chance to meet amazing people.
During our last shooting we had a pleasure to meet Iza. She is a young student, optimist and dreamer, but with a strong personality. She writes a blog “Odjechane studia” (the words play impossible to translate; more or less ‘Dope studies’) and her life motto is ‘I can, I’m able, I do’. We can find there interesting interviews, articles and stories. This time Iza became our model and participated in professional photo session. We suggested her elegant, simple cut dress made of sensuous fabric, with long sleeves and wide collar. It’s the perfect cut for women with small breast, as it helps to mask ths body feature. Discreet, orange color suits perfectly the light color skin, delicate girlish facial lines and curly, blonde hair of our model. Such outfit is a perfect, elegant solution for young women. What’s more, dresses are the symbol of femininity, so it’s just a perfect proposal for women with such a soft look.


Waist belt helps to build balance between the line of hips and arms. Such light dress is a great choice for all seasons and occasions. During spring time, until the heat wave come, it’s good to mix such dress with a bit heavy shoes, like loose, chamois boots. It’s very eye-catching and effortless solutions, which highlight not only the feminine advantages, but also the personality of our model.

Collaboration: Przestrzeń from Facebook



Thank you for posting this -- we need to see more of the resilience and the flair of those among us who are living well with disability!

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Beautiful post and purpose.

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