March 01: @saskia's bad dream

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"March, be good to me", this is what I saw in social media on this day because today's date is March 01. Others started this day with positive vibes hoping their entire month will be good to them as well.

But my 1st day of this month was not so good because I had a bad dream about my husband! In my dream, He married another woman and what funnier was that I am one of their audience!

You couldn't imagine what I felt after I woke up this morning, it was like my heart broken into pieces.!


But after a while, I realized it was just a dream but my heart still hurts. Then I texted him and informed him about my dream. (He was at work that time)

[Photo is mine]
He replied and told me that it was just a dream and forget about it and also he will never do that because he loves me so much. See our conversation.

Even in the afternoon, I am not yet over with my feelings, as you can see the time in our text message.

He made sure that I am the only woman in his life so I feel better now and thinking my dream will never happen in real life because he is a God-fearing man and I trust him. He always shows how much he loves me and I am blessed for having him in my

When he arrived at our house, he asked me why my dream was like that. Then he remembered we had watched one of the tv series last night where the lead actress was flirting with another guy and the lead actor saw the scene and he was so heartbroken. He thought that I am really affected by that scene that was why it remained in my mind and influenced my dream.

I made some research about how watching tv affects our dream. I found out that sometimes it can really influence our dreams especially when our emotions were affected by the story. tv-1015426_640.jpg
I remembered some of my dreams before were similar to the stories I already watched. Mostly I became the lead actress of that story. So it shows that watching movies/series can really affect our feelings and that influence our dreams.

Lesson learned

I will try my best not to be so affected by the story I will watch or better not to watch it when I am about to sleep so that it will not influence my dreams. Or I have to be more cautious in choosing what I will watch every day. Better to listen to soft music before bedtime so that my mind will be in peace.

Dreams are just a dreams so be happy :)

Here we are, eating Silvanas together and having a quality time with each other. :)
Photo is mine

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I can relate! I'm always having the same dream and I even woke up crying. It feels so weird having such a bad dream knowing that your partner is 100% loyal to you, but what does those dreams all about? And you are right, maybe sometimes it was the result of watching movies with that scene that we even brought in our dreams. hehe


True, that was a weird feeling. And i don't want to repeat it. So I will avoid watching tv before going to sleep.hehe

Sarap naman ng kinakain nyo hehe
sorry ading, hndi ko alam kng matatawa ako o malulungkot sa panaginip mo,haha
wag ka magalala mahal k ng asawa mo😁


Haha..c gem nga po natawa din.. Pag naiisip ko din natatawa po ako..hehe

I remember one of my BS once asked me: When you killed someone in your dream, is it a sin?
I just asked him what he did before he went asleep.
He said he watched a violent movie


baka napanood mo dette c alyana at kardo. hehehe.


Un nga te..haha.napanood namin ung part na un. Then naaasar ako kay alyana.haha


yun pala,haha

ay bet ko yang silvanas ng sans rival. sa dumaguete yan diba? pero chocolate flavor ba?


Opo from dumaguete and chocolate flavor.. Bigay lang sa amin kaya mas lalo po masarap. Hehe


ung buttercream lang natikman namin noon. parang bago yang choco nila.

ah oo, agree naman ako jan na lalong sumasarap kung bigay o libre. hahaha.

Relate much ako ate..
Peo sakin di about sa relationship.
About sa mga bad spirits naman..
Lalo nung bagong kasal kme..
Kaya di xa halos nakakatulog KC ginigising nya ako.
Nung ngahanap ako sa bhay may mga naiwan pla na flashcards an ginagamit ko pagtuturo na pangit Ang pictures.. nung sinunog ko Po dina po ako nagkakabad dreams..

Sweet sweet 😁

Haha. Natawa ako sa reaction mo. Don't worry di ganon c gem. Buti nlng napawi ng silvanas.


Hehe.. E kamusta naman te ung panaginip ni mami jane kay kuya ronnie dati? Buti pala wala sa tabi ko c gem..hahaha

hehehe parehas siguro reaction ko sayo pag ganyan panaginip ko hehe. lalo na di pa kami kasal hehehhehe


Nature of women sis..hehe