I hit a child and then was stubbed by a big guy - dream interpretation

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Dreamer:I had a really strange dream which scared me a little. I'd love to know what it means.

I dreamed that my mother and I were sitting in my deceased grandmother's house (she died four months ago.) My grandmother sat on the armchair opposite us and we were talking to her about her inheritance, while suddenly a black boy came in and tried to strangle my mother. Somehow, I managed to pull him back and hit him until he fled the house. Outside the house there was a big man waiting, I did not see his face; he cut my foot with a glass.

I am 21 years old. There is a dispute over the inheritance which poisons the atmosphere in the family. I personally do not feel any threat.
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The dream reflects the inner conflict you feel about the disputes surrounding the inheritance. Apparently, you are exposed to the toxic ("black") environment, feel what your mother is going through during this period and accordingly created a dream reality in which the situation is presented to you as if it was a movie.

As a loving daughter, you want to protect your mother, to keep her away from harm and to eliminate this negative situation (you hit the child until he ran away from the house). The dream implies that this intervention by you, your attempt to save others (your mother in this case) may impair your ability to function in this reality (the person who cut your leg).

It is very difficult for us to see that people we love are hurt, and sometimes we try to help them and save them. Such an approach does not always serve our higher good or theirs.

In conclusion:

This fantastic clear dream presents this message to you in its own illustrated way and now it's simply up to you to choose what to do about it in this reality.


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I really like your posts and the way you interpret dreams. I think I'm now paying more attention to my dreams, and I'm able to understand them better.


Thanks for the feedback @helenril👍
I'm glad to serve.