"I am so excited! I just met Leonardo DiCaprio and we made love" – dream interpretation

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Excerpt : the soul finds the most appropriate way to deliver the message, saying that we are unquestionably and dearly loved. Dreams are an excellent way to do so by using images our mind already recognize. Such dreams invigorate our physical body and lift our spirits.

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Dreamer: I dreamed that I was walking around in a huge mall and buying McDonald's. After paying I received the change in a foreign currency.

Afterwards, I understand that I must be drafted into the army, but I do not know exactly where I have to report the next day, and no one knows to tell me. I get a phone number from someone and I am being told to call and ask her, so I call and tell my personal details (name, id number etc). At this point in the dream, there were already quite a few people and everyone knew where they should go (beforehand I was alone in the mall).

Then I was with some guy, maybe even Leonardo Di Caprio and we were madly in love. He kept hugging me and kissing me and I accompanied him wherever he had to go to together with all the other people. We arrived at a place that was no longer built. There were mountains of sand and unfinished buildings and there was an amazing sunset in orange and a crimson sun. He kept hugging me until we parted and I went back. He followed me and I woke up.

A few days ago, I dreamed of the army. In the dream, I was wearing my niform and went with my brother in the elevator to the apartment where we used to live with my parents when I was really drafted into the army.

I'm 29 years old. Recently separated from my boyfriend. I have no connection to the army, it's so behind me and I do not deal with anything connected to the army. I was a good soldier but the service was not very exciting, and I was very happy when it was over. I also want to add that there is something strange in my dreams about places that are not yet built - places under construction, full of sand and unclear routes.

I want to illuminate a few things -

Foreign currencies - the abundance will come to you as a surprise from an unexpected source. It can be material abundance or abundance in general. The rule - do not expect and do not think too much (about who, when or how(.

Mall (everyone knew where they should go) + an army - symbolize the consciousness of the masses you are now in. But, unlike many others, you are aware that you are living inside the mass consciousness.

But not for long because internal changes happening in you. The changes are in the consciousness, and they are fundamental that touch the roots of your existence, right to the core level (cement, lime, sand, houses under construction). As it takes time to build a house so you should have the atience to complete the renovations of your personality.

And finally - because the relationship you were in ended, you are now connecting in the dream state with your inner self, that loves you, embraces you, and is yearning for you. In the dream, you felt a strong feeling of love, perhaps more than ever before, and surely more than you ever felt in reality. It is the love of your inner self. The message is simple - you are always loved, from the inside, from the heart of yourself. This is something that will always be with you, even after painful separations.

To summarize - the important thing is that you continue to focus on love from within. Then, the appropriate relationship will come along. The internal renovations you are undergoing prepare you for a connection with this inner self.

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