I am so confused. My beloved and charming husband is cheating on me in my dreams – What does it mean?

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Excerpt: Dreams have many layers. Indeed they may be reflecting a reality we are not aware of but before jumping into conclusions we better take a look inside and find what is within us that erupted that specific dream. Close attention we should give to erotic/sexual dreams as this energy is highly misinterpreted in our times.

Dreamer: I am happily married to a charming guy, we have two children together. When I dream about my husband he always hurts me, cheating on me with other women. I always wake up with an ambivalent feeling of pleasure coupled with pain. He is a loving and loyal fellow. Why do I choose to attribute this role to him in my dreams? I'm 30 years old.

In the past I would have shared with him more of my dreams but after I had had the feeling that he was hurt by it I stopped sharing. I have had similar dreams even before we got married. Each time the dream is different; sometimes it involves other people who are related to my life but always always this part repeats itself. On average, every six months I have a similar dream and till today there have been many of them.

My pleasure in the dream was a sexual one, when I watch him with someone else. Our relationship is open, inclusive and very cooperative in the sexual aspect. We have great sex life and after such a dream it gets even better. Usually it is I who share fantasies while he does so very rarely.

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Brief introduction - the interpretation I will write below is based on my opinion and relies on the few things you wrote. Therefore, it is very likely that it will not resonate with you. More so, you might be reluctant to accept it. Therefore, please exercise discretion and if the explanation sounds not relevant ignore it. It is important to remember that only you can determine what is right and what is appropriate for your life. I say this especially about the interpretation of your dream because it is a sensitive subject.

At the most basic level such a dream can indeed describe a real act of infidelity by the partner. Most likely, this is not the case here. Why? Firstly, because you testify that your husband is a loyal man, and secondly because this type of dreams appeared even before you got married. Pay attention, when I write "betrayal by your husband" it does not have to be a physical betrayal. It can be an emotional one, a distancing from you or an emotional and spiritual engagement with someone else. You, being his spouse for so many years, feel it, know it telepathically and at the same time repress it. In your dreams, the subconscious floats this suppressed knowledge.

Another layer refers to betraying yourself, that is, the human 'you' betrays the soul 'you'. It may be a career that has been neglected for a long time, ignoring your needs as a woman and as a person, primarily the emotional needs; nurturing the personality, the spirit and your spiritual growth. Not knowing your specific life circumstances, I cannot categorially say that this is the case with you.

The third layer, and the last one to which I will relate, speaks about the energies that surround you.

The average person is aware of themselves and the people in their life. But, always always, there are conscious energies that are in the nearby etheric realms. These conscious energies can take on various forms, some more balanced than the others.

Just as you have different character traits, and there are days when you are joyful and others when you frown, so some of those energies that revolve around you are more enlightened and balanced than others. This situation creates within the latter a lack that requires constant feeding in order to compensate for what is missing. Sexual energy is accessible, available and satisfying and therefore serves as a way to consume energies.

In your dreams you see yourself having sex with other energies, which are also mostly representations of yourself. You feel the pleasure, and rightly so, because you enjoy this kind of communication. In the dreams you become aware of your soul, your "lost brothers," and this connection is intense and often interpreted as sex.

There is nothing wrong, or improper, or immoral. It's a natural thing that happens to everyone. you are merely more aware of it.

Now, there are situations where this energetic give-and-take becomes unbalanced. For example, violent sexual scenes, scenes in which you do not feel pleasant, situations where you feel emotionally drained, or, as in your case, dreams after which you feel confused and guilt.

As for your guilt feelings, you will have to do some inner work. First you must remember that you are the sovereign. That you determine what experiences you will have in your dreams, who you will meet, what you will do together, and how often that will occur. Therefore, you can definitely decide that you are not willing to allow more feeding from those energies, that you no longer agree to feed them with your sexual energy during the dream state. Once you make such a clear decision there is a high chance that such dreams will stop. If this does not happen immediately then keep on being determined in your decision.

You should also know that these energies are attracted to the imbalance that is within you. It can be the result of the disappearance of emotion from your reality and from your love life in particular.

To summarize

  • All this does not mean that you no longer love your husband, but that the relationship between you is fundamentally based on the sexual elements and less on the emotional connection. Now that you are aware of it you may want to change the situation.

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not all dreams come out the same in real life


Because there are several levels to each dream. Not only that, few of them are prophetic. Nevertheless, dreams are the bedrock of the physical reality.