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It is my intention to publish posts about dreams and the explanation I gave to them. These dreams' logs were send to me, along the years, by students, friends, colleagues and others who were bothered by their nocturnal occurrences out of this reality. I truly hope that in time, as you will be exposed to many types of dreams and different contents, your knowledge will expand and with it your ability to understand yourself. The ultimate goal, if you so choose, is enlightenment.

As a longtime dream researcher, I would like to draw your attention to a number of important issues -

First, there is no such thing as one pool of dreams symbols! It is very important to remember this. To one, flight in a dream symbolizes the expansion of his psyche and to another a fear from living; There are those for whom a dog that appears in a dream will symbolize a supportive and loving being and for others it will symbolize a haunting fear they drag from their childhood.

Every person has a rich world of dreams that stands on its own and can be interpreted by him alone. In this sense you will only do wrong to yourselves if you unreservedly accept what is said here (or everywhere) about your dreams. To interpret your dreams, it is important to know the person that you are, the issues in your life, what level of consciousness you are at (see note below), etc. Therefore, the best way to use the dream world is through self-exploration and self-interpretation of your own dreams. Keep a dreams-log and ask yourself, "Why did I dream about this?" The answers will come.

That does not mean that the interpretations offered to you are worthless. They can enlighten your consciousness and offer ideas of which you were not aware. Nevertheless, you are the ones who must exercise discretion and decide whether the dream interpretation resonate with you.

Types of Dreams

The dream world is not monochromatic. It has different degrees. When the average person lives their life, coping with the difficulties and challenges of life, psychologically growing at their own pace while processing their personality, then dreams usually have certain style - they are very symbolic and every event or object represents emotion or thought. For example, if you dreamed that you met the prime minister, it does not mean that you really met him in the dream world, but rather that you spoke with a certain part of your personality - the authoritative, rational, balanced or corrupt part – according to the way that prime minister is perceived in your mind. Or if, for example, you dreamed on the day before a planned trip that you fall from a high mountain it does not mean that you should be afraid and avoid going on that trip. It can be interpreted as the return of your consciousness from the higher dimensions to the earthly plane.

A second and more advanced type of dreams occurs when most of the work on the personality has already been done and you are ready to start communicating with other parts of your soul, with other "aspects", such as "past" lifetimes, personal aspects, and so forth. At this stage you may meet in your dreams strangers whom you have never met in your waking hours and carry out certain actions together with them. Many dreams at this stage are dreams of learning. You will find yourself sitting in class and studying.

The third (and not last) type of dreams occurs when you grow spiritually to the degree to which your personality is more or less integrated with the other parts of your soul. You then allow a deeper connection with the higher part of you. Your dreams become more real and less symbolic. That is, if you meet the Queen of England it means that you have met your higher self and not the authoritative part of your personality (as in the first stage); If you dream that you have been accepted to a senior position in a high-tech company, it is not symbolic, but rather a message from the higher self to examine this possibility in your reality. At this stage dreams are usually immediate, that is, what you dreamed about at night will come true one way or another in the next few days. For example, you may dream that you met an old friend and two days later you will meet him in your awake reality.

You may want to stay tuned and follow as I intend to cover in numerous posts the following topics: Romantic relationships in the dreams; Dreams activities with family members and relatives; Dreams journeys to far away and parallel worlds; dream interactions with strangers; dreams interactions with old friends from the past, present and future; prophetic dreams; and more.

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