A preliminary note about the Questions and Answers that I will Post

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Along the years and to this day I have received numerous questions by many who seek answers to their relationships queries. Knowing to ask is an art. Learning to receive an answer is a great wisdom, and allowing a change to occur because of that question-answer process requires great courage, patience and self-awareness. Indeed, most always the answer resides within the question itself. However, it is always good to be reassured by loving voices from "outside". For this same purpose I offer here posts that contain Questions and Answers. I suggest that you try to "be" with your question first. Allow it to flow in your mind for a while and when you feel that the time has come - post it here. I will be honored to share my insights and experience.

In all your journeys and in particular when receiving answers from an outside source remember - You are the sole sovereign of your life. It is You who will have to practice the given advises and live them. Therefore, put your own discretion regarding the given answer no matter which source it came from. know this - my answers come from a wise place full of compassion and expanded perspective but one that can never replace your own mastery.

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