2018-01-08 Monday Reba Receipts

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Oprah said CNN is so very honest, true, real. The Golden Globes was full of so much hate. Oprah was helping Bill Gates in Africa with the vaccines and other things as well. Vaccines is very bad. Ask people how Oprah avoids taxes. Ask people why they don't ever admit to what Weinstein did. Look at what Oprah has done to the black people for decades. Ask people if they know how what Oprah does to women. Oprah says women don't need women.

2018-01-08 Monday 11:50 AM PST FGL JA Oatmeal Joey Arnold.

Oprah said speaking your truth is more important. In other words, don't think about facts. Oprah says men are the problems. Oprah is part of the gender wars. Look at what happens in Islam-ran countries. Look at what Sharia and Jihad does to women for centuries. Ask people if they know about how many Christians are murdered in Islam countries as opposed to other places. Ask people if they know about the organ-theft in China prisons. Ask people about Rothschild, Soros, Clinton, Obama, Gates, Facebook Mark, Oprah, and other puppets, monsters. Ask people if they know what these people and these groups do. Ask people about the NWO and the history it stems from.


What happened to Vidme, the video website competitor to YouTube? Last time I checked in 2017, it was down but was planning to come back maybe with a different domain name or something. This is my daily video blog I'm doing each day. I'm thinking about my priorities and about whether I need to modify how much I spend on different social networks. I'm preparing to maybe move to Shelton. Not sure if that is the best choice but it seems to be just that. Still in the middle of preparing and not sure what to do when Firefox is too slow or when I have issues with my teeth or which banks to join or not. I keep logs on what I eat and what I watch and what I do and everything when I can.

Dream VanDyke Lost Arm

2018-01-08 Monday 11 AM OR163: dream 6AM: JA.

In my dream last night, went to FGHS, my high school, and saw maybe student Richie VanDyke there with an older guy and maybe he was a Senior there and maybe I was older and an alumni and I saw him missing his right arm. Then I remember our Algebra Joe Baumgartner class we had together maybe long ago and how he had a cast. Maybe, his broken arm died and they had to cut off his arm. I said hello to him as I was walking through with other people. He didn't say hello back. Wasn't sure why I was back in school in my dream. In real life we were co-managers and both seniors, class of 2004, for FGHS. He never lost limbs as far as I know. What does my dream mean? That is all I remember. Been having crazy dreams in the USA since I returned Thanksgiving 2017 but haven't been writing them down mostly because I can't really remember enough of the dreams to be able to write them down. Too many bits and pieces.

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