Why GameStop was going to cause a collapse of the entire market, and why it is still going to:

Why GameStop was going to cause a collapse of the entire market, and why it is still going to:
Disclaimer: This is not financial advice, and much of this information is not my own, sourced from other DD’s, many that have been removed.

As many of you know, on the 17th of this month, Interactive Brokers Chairman Thomas Peterffy had a CNBC interview (Automod won't let me link it?) where he goes on to explain the fundamentals of the short squeeze.

However, this whole ordeal might be a whole lot bigger than we had ever imagined.

Tom (or should we go with Tommy?) goes on to illustrate the idea that they had to regulate the stock, as if they had not it would have caused a collapse of the entire market. While Tom might very well be simply lying to us to give an excuse, let’s play his game, and ponder this idea for a second.

Tom states without the regulation, brokers would have been obligated to deliver 270 million shares, while only 50 million shares existed. 540% of shares.

Vlad, CEO of RobinHood, also told us that on the day of the halt they had an order volume of 3 Billion, that they could not fulfill.

Tom continues the interview, admitting that without the regulation, GameStop stock would have surged into the thousands, yes plural.

Maybe the reason all of this has truly become such a battle, is because of how seriously scared the other side of the trade really is.

Finra’s latest short interest update gives us a value of 78.46%. However, there are many reasons why this could be falsely construed. For one, Finra had announced new ways of calculating short interest, letting the synthetic longs drive this down. Another reason this may be low is this data is not fully up-to-date and does not take into account the fall from 100 to where we are now.

So, what is the true short interest then?

Well, let’s take breakdown GME share ownership alongside the findings of u/Corrode1024:

Insider Ownership: 23,704,787

Institutions: 151,000,000

Funds: 40,000,000

Retail: 38,595,000

Total Owned: 253,299,787

Total Outstanding: 69,746,960

Percentage of ownership to outstanding: 363.17%

Estimated Synthetic Shares: 183,552,827

FINRA Short % of Float: 78.46%

Finviz Float: 50,650,000

Reported Shares Shorted: 35,538,624

Total Estimated Short (Synthetic + Reported)


Percentage of Shorts to the Float: 432.56%

If you would like a deeper breakdown of u/Corrode1024’s data, check out his DD.

But yes, the short interest may be a whopping ~432.56%.

Last week, u/thabat ran an AI-generated model of GME’s stock price, which predicts a squeeze target of an extreme $130k a share.

Now, I know, lol. Let’s not get ahead of ourselves. That is a completely crazy fucking number. I mean, right? It has to be?

But I mean, if this whole thing really is bigger than we thought, and it really could cause an entire collapse of the markets. This could be one of the biggest exchanges of wealth in the history of the world.

If SI really is ~400%, shorts covering at infinitely higher and higher prices certainly could drive it up to astronomical heights.

If this is what our models show, imagine the models and algorithms these big firms have. This may very well be why they are so frightened. They have dug themselves into a hole below bedrock.

All of this seems to line up with what Vlad and Tom have now told us. Without regulation, this squeeze will be the Mother of all Short Squeezes.

So now, alongside our Dogfather Cohen, we shall wait patiently for a catalyst. Just like on the last squeeze to $483, we required a catalyst to get us there. Don’t forget the information we knew in November and December. Board spots are opening up in July which Cohen will take advantage of, Cohen could up his stake. Earnings in March. Who knows what could happen.

It is important to remember the gaming industry is the largest industry in the world, and we are still in its infancy. Older generations continue to laugh down the importance of gaming, but as our generation grows up gaming is only going to evolve and get bigger. GameStop is the only retailer dedicated to gaming and has a surplus of centers that big competitors like Amazon do not.

We are basically right back where we were in November/December. The stock price does not matter. If short interest is at 400%, or if short interest is at 80%. Both are insanely high SI values, and a squeeze is inevitable, one that sends us to 500 or one that sends us to 50,000. With high short interest, a squeeze is inevitable. NEVER forget that.

So, continue to hold fellow apes. May your hands turn to diamonds and your balls to steel.


Edit: Also don't forget the other CNBC interview with our boy Tommy where he also admitted that they halted to save themselves. Or the CNBC interview with Vlad where he said it multiple times assuredly that it WAS NOT a liquidity issue, but that is his reasoning now. (You can find these 2 interviews on youtube, AutoMod wont let me link youtube)

Edit #2: XRT short interest is up 20% this week reaching 199% SI 🤔🤔 https://www.etfchannel.com/type/most-shorted-etfs/ more proof of the artificial price drops?