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The House of Fraud - The Biggest Corruption Scandal on History
DD 👨‍🔬
Hello my fellow apes, I wanted to share with you my research this months and why this is the biggest fraud on history.

I’m currently holding since February both GME and AMC. For the purpose of this post, I’ll touch in one or another but the facts apply on both, I’ll cover the fundamentals since this community has grown pretty fast, but first of all, this is not financial advice.

I also hope congress people inform themselves a little. all the congressional hearings I’ve seen, were a complete disappointment, they didn’t seem to understand the concepts (or they prefer to ignore it because they were bribed) (source2) and when important questions were asked “your time is up”, we are talking about the whole economy, should not be taken lightly, and that they were being lied in their faces.

r/Superstonk - The House of Fraud - The Biggest Corruption Scandal on History
Hey...the elephant is on the room...

How the economy has been carried by financial terrorist or the gravity of the actions that have been committed by predatory hedge funds and MM for years benefiting just themselves at the expenses of hard-working people which later are the ones paying the consequences for their gambling.

Do you know that types of persons who blame on others what they really are, “gambling”, “inexperienced”, “how do we protect them”, when we are being robbed billions, nobody says nothing, but when we play by the rules of an already rigged and heavily manipulated market?

This time we know what they are doing.


As you heard from the own AMC CEO Adam Aron, retail investors (diamond hands apes) have almost the whole ownership of AMC, on the case of GME, there’s most friendly whales who want to see Citadel going down (whales battle), but let’s be real with the billions of naked shorting we probably have the whole ownership several times, and we are not selling, neither them, instead the data show that we all are buying and holding and the buying power is skyrocketing with all the bullish sentiment.

But why do I think we are at more of 100% ownership? Maybe even several times the shares outstanding, well first of all we were on a 87.5% ownership 2 months ago as I disclose on my first post, and we have been doing nothing different than buying and holding my broker graph hasn’t changed at all, and with more apes joining as AMC shareholder as the months have passed.

At the time writing this post the data shows we are on a 79.3% ownership in the case of AMC so let me understand, we lost an -8.2% ownership while buying and holding, doubling down and new apes joining all this time? that does not make any since, without considering the fails to deliver, these days, I’ve seen apes post dropping $20k, $50k, $100k one even drop almost a million.

r/Superstonk - The House of Fraud - The Biggest Corruption Scandal on History

Wrongful or criminal deception intended to result in financial or personal gain.

Is not surprise than the financial system is rigged to benefit the 1% while the 99% get robbed but let’s dig a little more on the fundamentals.

(First person analysis)

When you go long all that you can lose is your investment if you close your position or the business goes bankrupt, when you go short since you should buy back the shares if the value goes up the loses can be infinite so, as you love to profit from fraud and as a professional market manipulator, you’ll do all the possible to make the value go on your profit, if you bankrupt the business, better for you, you get free no tax money, the investors lose all their investment and employees loses their jobs, so their income to sustain their families, but you don’t care about that, you now can buy an expensive new mansion.

r/Superstonk - The House of Fraud - The Biggest Corruption Scandal on History
Let's disclose the illegal tactics predatory hedge funds are using and had been using for years to manipulate the market in their benefit making billions in the process:

  1. Payment for order-flow and Frontrunning

You pay millions to brokers like robinhood to redirect their users order-flow for trade execution (a penny for each transaction), but you aren’t losing money, that’s not how it works, you want to rob most that money, so you start front-Running those trades, is illegal and unethical but is “business” so then you’ll use that data on your advantage, as it is quite profitable, you keep buying that order-flow. retail investors are being robbed but hey is like farming money without moving a single finger, HFT do the dirty work.

  1. Massive shorting: You see a company having a hard time to survive cause the pandemic or any other reason, and they are trying hard to avoid bankruptcy, there’s a lot of employees who income depends on that job, as the greedy parasite you are. you borrow millions of shares and sell them short, on a short period of time, making the value of the stock aggressively drop, investors get scared and sell, so the sell pressure plus your short pressure send the stock price of those companies to the ground and you gain millions, in the best scenario for you the company goes bankrupt cause then you get free no tax money.

The orders get executed all at once doing the candles to have an abnormal behavior, almost all of the time are corrupted hedge funds behind it, and investors have no other option than suffer loses, almost all of them gets scared and sell at lose, this is the “cleanest” way benefit you, still market manipulation but hey is “business”.

  1. Media Manipulation: Series of related techniques to create an image or argument that favors their particular interests. Such tactics may include the use of logical fallacies and psychological manipulations.

r/Superstonk - The House of Fraud - The Biggest Corruption Scandal on History

So, if the plan is not working like you expected since the investors know the company can recover and the price is rising, now you are losing, better call your puppets on the media to push your agenda it works almost all the time, they’ll say the company is the worst and they going to bankrupt for bad management, push fake investigations against the company, media articles, etc.

Don’t forget your puppets on CNBC and Marketwatch (they’ll remove those companies from the high short list), but let’s also call your professional push and dump pupped Jim Cramer to disclose that to you (They’re not confessing, they’re bragging) legal or illegal it does not matter, the important is that this affect the market for your profit, the SEC?, those are your dogs and you give them their bribery… sorry pay the penalty and you have green light to keep robbing the smaller institutional investors and retail investors… sorry green light keep doing “business”.

r/Superstonk - The House of Fraud - The Biggest Corruption Scandal on History
r/Superstonk - The House of Fraud - The Biggest Corruption Scandal on History
SEC will go away happy with the pennies sitting in their ass checking por* and WSB post the whole day and then clamming market manipulation at a bunch of middle / poor class people investing who are the ones being robbed, calling themselves retards and sharing memes.

r/Superstonk - The House of Fraud - The Biggest Corruption Scandal on History

  1. Spread Misinformation If media is not working like you expected you can open your rat cage and send a bunch of shills and bots to spread FUD and misinformation, you can also offer money to corrupt the mods on WSB like you did on February to delete DD post and ban OP with a bit of rotten cheese, they will follow your orders.


r/Superstonk - The House of Fraud - The Biggest Corruption Scandal on History

r/Superstonk - The House of Fraud - The Biggest Corruption Scandal on History
this is just a few, there are dozens of data rolling on the sub

Dit it worked? Well... and don’t forget all billions are now yours, did you say new mansion?

r/Superstonk - The House of Fraud - The Biggest Corruption Scandal on History
They tried to bankrupt tesla and SpaceX on 2008, Imagine sending into bankrupt the business of the only person who is doing something for the world, electric cars, solar panels, going back to the space, global internet service at fast speed and save us from a possible extinction event in a future, and they tried to send them out of business, just to profit, how low human being you must be.

Now same with AMC and GME, emblematic US business working since the last century just because they were hit hard by a pandemic and they wanted to bankrupt them and leave thousands of people without income, but they didn’t care.

First of all shorting was supposed to uncover fraudulent business when you think their value is higher than they are really producing and could be dark numbers going behind (money laundering, drugs, etc), also when you think other is overvalued, never was supposed to send to bankruptcy business when they are facing a bad financial situation, and upon all that on a pandemic, that’s just disgusting and inhuman.

Understand this, they weren’t trying to make profit by shorting AMC and GME, they were trying to send them bankrupt AMC CEO declared he was at almost 6 weeks of run out of money, so corrupted hedge funds get 100% no tax gains, so they were trying to send them into bankruptcy before diamond hands apes join and got their backs like they got our when we were little.

If nothing of the above worked let’s use brute force it’s highly illegal but you aren’t losing against a bunch of middle class / poor apes on reddit, pss!, did I tell you also steal investors money by doing it?

  1. Naked shorting: Illegal practice of short selling shares without borrow them first so the shares don’t exist and the short pressure end up being larger than the entire shares outstanding.

  2. Fail to deliver: In the case of buyers, it means not having the cash, in the case of sellers in means not having the share, this is the next step of naked shorting, basically an investor has bought a phantom share a corrupted hedge fund created to keep shorting but since that share does not exist can’t be deliver to the buyer cause is outside the amount of shares outstanding.

  3. Stock Market Glitch: So, a retail investor buy a share, your broker with or without your knowledge lend it, in this case to a predatory hedge fund and you receive an interest bellow $0.005 or less, they sell it short, then somebody buy it again, and his broker lend it again, like a loop, this is well known by corrupted hedge funds so they use it to their advantage.

What do we have at the end, well, the pressure of millions of shares that were shorted more than once plus the millions of naked short.

Citadel have been caught several times with this fraudulent practice, and they just receive a penny of penalty compared to the billions they gain for it a lucrative “business”.

I prefer to call it by the correct name, Robbery and bribery, after that, they have green light to go and keep doing the same.

  1. Short ladder: Two corrupted hedge funds trade shares back and forth between each other at lower and lower prices in order to trick the system into “thinking” a massive sell off is going on, and get investors into panic selling. As you have advantage above others you can sell at fractional price to spend less money while shorting but cents below the current buy price to make it drop, It cost money to do it, but the reward is bigger if the price goes down, if the price goes up cause people are still buying after all those phantom shares, you are digging a massive hole.

According to IBorrow on 04/15/2021 there were just 100 shares available to lend, but on NASQD the transactions showed there were being shorted several times that amount (hundred and thousands), and the most important, on fractional price cents below the current stock value (remember retail investor can’t sell at fractional price), not just that but on HFT and cents below the current buy price of the share.

The HTF or high frequency trading is method of trading that uses powerful computer programs to transact a large number of orders in fractions of a second. It uses complex algorithms to analyze multiple markets and execute orders based on market conditions. Typically, the traders with the fastest execution speeds are more profitable than traders with slower execution speeds, in other words you rob millions to retail investors while sitting in your ass the whole day, having a computer switched on doing the dirty work, after that, you gain billions a year doing this, you call retail investors “dumb money” so they think was their failure for making bad investments.

r/Superstonk - The House of Fraud - The Biggest Corruption Scandal on History
So, with the FTDs, and shares shorted more than once being flowed into the market at that absurd speed it reaches a point when you could be shorting several times the shares outstanding.

What do we have here you are not covering and you are still shorting on HFT so on fractions of a second every hour, every day, for months, if the apes keep buying and holding you are now on a black hole, with several times the shares outstanding but if you start covering the price will skyrocket on the thousands but since you are on a blackhole with the duplicated shares plus the FTD, you’ll go bankrupt since you are not going to be able to cover your short positions, let’s go cry on tv, and say diamond hand apes are manipulating the market, you wanted to rob their money and send to bankruptcy these business, but your market manipulation is not working and now you are losing millions every day to sustain your fraud.

  1. Dark Pool

Dark pools allow institutional investors to trade without exposure until after the trade has been executed and reported. Dark pools are a type of alternative trading system (ATS) that give certain investors the opportunity to place large orders and make trades without publicly revealing their intentions during the search for a buyer or seller.

Why the price has been just dropping with the massive buy pressure and nobody selling? looks like the brokers (like robinhood) send the order-flow for execution at citadel and they redirect them to darkpools, and on the market just gets executed the sell orders, short ladder and all those dark stuffs, we’ll never know exactly what’s going on until the flashlight point to those shady accounts.

Notice how much volume is being diverted to FADF (google it - large Dark Pools), this while sell orders hit the NYSE/Nasdaq, This tactic can be used to suppress buying pressure.


Why they’re doing this?

They have been benefiting for years by sending thousands of businesses to bankrupt, remember the money is just a tool invented to avoid barter, so when somebody receive money is in exchange for a product or service, in financial case a stock, but if the market gets manipulated people are losing their money for nothing, then the stock goes down, in other words millions of people are losing money and somebody is taking it, having that in mind we can continue to the OBV.


On Balance volume is a technical trading momentum indicator that uses volume flow to predict changes in stock price.

If you take it on consideration, you can see an abnormal behavior of AMC and GME compared to other stocks, we have seen AMC and GME massive drops while people are buying, ally whales buying, and nobody selling, since the price has been manipulated the price of AMC could be on the hundreds and GME over a thousand, could be even more since the market manipulation has been aberrant that probably all estimates could fall short.

When you have seen their absurd influx (which profile images are AI generated) saying to sell at $x price, they haven’t covered they keep shorting and naked shorting between other manipulation tactics, and upon that they want to cover with our own dam money but robbing most of it. They are insulting us in our faces.

False Testimony in congressional hearing

On the first congressional hearing while they were still doing all the manipulations tactics mentioned above while they declared to have covered their shorts, media and shills the same and telling us to sell, “dead cat”, etc. but we didn’t because we know the truth, we aren’t leaving AMC Teathers and GameStop at the mercy of greedy parasites, we are tired of this corrupted financial system where a few ones play with the economy and all the hard-working people. and the world end up paying the consequences, bankrupt business and on top of that they profit with billions instead of go to jail.

I’ll read the script on that teleprompt a team of lawyers. are writing, when I was a boy in Bulgaria… stfu Vlad we still aren’t on congressional hearing, you should waste their time speaking nonsense.

What to do then?


Our voice has been silenced for months by most of the mainstream media (puppets), the important part here is that they need to cover, that’s our only tool here, the beauty of this is that we didn’t fall for all the market manipulation techniques describe above, millions of people online saw the truth and they clung to it, that’s historic.

Apes together strong, We together have a power bigger than any other fund in the world such that the value of the stock have been going up even when they have been using powerful machines in their advantage to manipulate the market price, excepts we are is completely decentralized and entirely democratic. I’m not going to say r/wallstreetbets cause you know they sold us like a piece of meat for money to corrupted Hedge funds, that sub now is a push and dump scheme.

What we have been using unlike them? Our hard work money, some people their retirement funds, some people their live savings, loaned money, some have sold items as cars, bikes, etc, to support AMC and GME. I have all my whole bank account in this, being poor, in fact I’ve been eating a lot of empty noodles.

Why, cause I’m not seeing AMC and GameStop going bankrupt without fight for them, months working as freelancer, I better sink with the ship, or go to the moon with them, mama didn't raise a paper hand.

The government need to stop saving those market manipulators at the cost of the people, they didn’t use their power to create new business / stimulate the economy as should, instead they use it in their own benefit, friendly whales can do a better job, without stealing people’s.

And they know they better don’t betrayal the world like the corrupted ones are doing right now, cause apes also will be there, to protect those business.

r/Superstonk - The House of Fraud - The Biggest Corruption Scandal on History
Why our floor is justified.

I’m not going to focus on the numbers but on the facts.

Bitcoin: Digital money that's instant, private and free from bank fees.

SI: Short interest is the number of shares that have been sold short

Ok listen me my fellow apes (especially paper hands and day traders who want to sell for a quick buck), this is probably not going to happen again in the history, we diamond hands know that so don't sell all for less than we deserved for years of market manipulation, this month, all that loss por*, for all those businesses that were driven into bankruptcy, for 2008, 2011, securities fraud, wire fraud, perjury, war financing, money laundering and I could keep going.

Regulations are coming at record time, you know why? cause the SEC knows when this fuc*ery start coming to light eyes are going to look at them too since they were the ones that supposedly should have protected the market but they didn’t, instead allow them to do this.

Now keep going.

Having that in count, remember the OBV base price, while the price is going down, when they REALLY start covering the price will rise on the thousands, and dozens of thousands if we all hold.

On old war times you had to wait for the enemy for days, being hungry, cold, and then fight or die, that’s it, if you didn't do that, your territory could be invaded by your enemy and then you and your whole family would have been ki**ed.

Here you don’t have nothing more than buy and hold is that easy (for the paper hands).

Fintel claims a 32%, then they change it at 12%,, it does not matter wew know all those numbers are fake afk and we know the amoun is on the billions on GME and AMC, so is several times the shares outstanding due to naked shorts, so we are talking on a SI, of 100% + the counterfeit, that could be 2, 3, 5, times, we’ll never know until those numbers start coming to light, also we don’t know how may apes and ants are out there, but wew know are millions.

So Volkswagen squeeze was with a 12.8% and the price reached almost $1k, and since can’t’ even realize the real amount of SI on here, but we are sure that is 100% + the counterfeit, that’s why the floor is more than real, this is an unprecedented situation, they are on a blackhole, and they know it, so they have no more than keep shorting, until they are forced to cover or go bankrupt.

But let’s be real they deserve bankrupt and prision, and the federal reserve must print our tendies, why? cause the are part of the biggest scam of history, FINRA, NYSE, SEC, CONGRESS, DTCC are all behind this, they allowed this or are bribed, remember that, so don’t accept less than you deserve.


I disclosed a part of this on my first post on February, I saw all this that time, and people told me:

Now that you all can see what I see that time we are on a different situation, not just that but the situation behind is even worst, I didn’t know in that time that the whole system was a scam.

In conclusion when they start covering the value will rise on the thousands, without counting the fails to deliver so if all diamond hands and friendly whales hold $XXXXX is easy, but for all the manipulation we’ve witnesses and the level of corruption behind $XXXXXX is complete viable and never was a meme.

With the biggest wealth redistribution on history, we diamond hands apes, will invest on start up’s that help the planet (plastic pollution, climate change, world hunger, water, create business, etc), pay debt, help our families, parent’s debt, buy on local business, so push the economy, things that wall street / corrupted hedge funds have never done, just benefiting themselves for years.

I am not going to buy a Lamborghini or million-dollar houses, that will put me on the same level that

Corrupted Funds and market manipulators.

We will di*e some day when older and that car is not going to the other world with me, I want to leave something for the world, put my name on history books, but with the current system I’ll not get more than live with the payment months to month, is time to do something about it.

r/Superstonk - The House of Fraud - The Biggest Corruption Scandal on History
Citadel, Melvin and his corrupted ally’s which together are on the trillions can’t pay? well, then they’ll go bankrupt (in first time they should never have existed and be allowed to manage our money, that’s just absurd idiotic obviously they are going to rob us) and their insurances will which are also on the trillions, they also can’t? well then, the DTCC will print money, you should have thought better before benefit a few corrupt at the expense of people livelihood like you did a decade ago, you didn’t learn from what they did on 2008 old man.

We have been focusing on Citadel and Melvin but isn’t just them, there’s also a lot of hedge funds (big and smaller, banks) who are behind this, just to mention Susquehanna International Group is like 2 times the size of Citadel, between them have more than 1 trillion, both made huge bets during the pandemic and gained big while the world lost trillions, where do you think those trillions went? right, to those 1%.

r/Superstonk - The House of Fraud - The Biggest Corruption Scandal on History
The smaller one’s better start covering their positions first before they are left as bag holders, they will suffer loses but at least they could survive and learn the lesson, before all start covering at once, without supply

… no? you reject the offer again like on January? So you better start filling bankruptcy, that’s your wife bf? not anymore and that mansion you bought for millions now bellow to diamond hands apes, now hurry up, be fast cause paper hands will be also looking for a job at wendy’s.

The SEC and regulators has failed to provide a fair market and protect the little guy, instead they were all behind this, we’ve just being robed for years, the working class, the ones who make this country what it is, corrupted hedge funds just go to the office start the computers to do HFT, steal our money send startups and business to bankrupt, create unemployment they keep everything to themselves then buy luxury and absurd expensive things while the people’s die from hunger and contamination send the world to burns in hell, like FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, THIS PLANET IS OUR ONLY HOME ALSO THAT’S OUR MONEY AND BANKRUPTED COMPANIES / STARTUP MONEY.

Wall Street wanted to put the water on the market imagine, water being expensive for the average people, the millions of people that will d*e., that’s what the greedy parasites conforming the 1% are capable.

So if everybody paper hands for pennies for a little drop, while this can reach $XXXXX easy and $XXXXXX not a meme, what o you think will happen.

Do you remember what happen with Jeffrey Epstein?, where he organized pedophi** org, which happen there?. exactly nothing, apparently, he committed suicid, but let’s be real we know he was murdere* to prevent him from talking cause big names where linked to him.

r/Superstonk - The House of Fraud - The Biggest Corruption Scandal on History
And that's just a few, if you do a research you'll find more nexus

Why did I mentioned that disturbing case? cause if we let this thing go will happen as always, smokescreen and we and future investors will keep being robbed by the 1%.

Way Out for Corrupted HF?

Let’s put it simple, they’re fuc*ed but what I saw.

Cover on February and suffer loses for being greedy and try to bankrupt business leaving thousands of people on unemployment on the middle of a pandemic just to profit, we didn’t know all this so we were looking for $XXX instead, they decided to try to spit in our faces and use all the market manipulation tools possible, even death threats to our DD apes.

But you did nothing else that spit upwards, and now the floor is the moon.

The government intervening to bail them out at the cost of people’s money like they did a decade ago, since the world is watching, and there’s also apes around the planet, military apes, nurses on AMC and GME, that will destroy the already damaged confidence on US markets just to save the corrupted 1% the ones that gamble with everyone’s money over and over.

Who will be losing money long term will be the whole country, so even a smooth brained know they better don’t do that.

r/Superstonk - The House of Fraud - The Biggest Corruption Scandal on History
Share dilution AMC CEO already disclose that, and later off the table but doing the opposite will be like saving the hitman who tried to kill you and your whole family (amc / gme employes, investors, supply business), they probably will have use them with dark pools to cover or who knows.

But knowing what they have been doing this month those greedy parasites probably would have use them all to short and drive the price at like $1 or less, 500m shares 1.5B naked short. 25m duplicated who knows.

So that would have been pretty dumb, you know the world is rotating so on one point you could encounter on the same situation, but this time apes will not be there since you to stab them before in the back, so bad idea.

Halt trading So when finally, the little man on a rigged game start making some money, they make some calls to halt trading just on the retail investor side, and left just the sell button, but the sell button is damaged this time, and we are diamond hands, why sell for pennies when we know it cost +$XXXXX, but you can try to do that again but remember, the floor will rise.

Dig more on the black hole cause there’s no other option, we will keep buying those juicy dips, you’ll destroy more the economy and when the domino starts to fall, you can be even more secure of your way to prison.

Where I feel they could be now. If we all hold like we have been doing all this months. Try to cover at BTC prices and go bankrupt, that’s it.

Can the economy Cash?

Is not, if is going to crash? is going to crash, corrupted hedgies banks, etc, have been gambling with the economy again way worse than 2008, the real questions is if this will be the first domino piece, but by the looking of some news, is highly possible.

r/Superstonk - The House of Fraud - The Biggest Corruption Scandal on History

Probably fake media will try to push their shi*ty agenda to left us like the bad ones again, when we simple play by the rules of the game even when the game was rigged on the first place, when in reality we wanted to save some business from bankrupt investing our hard-work money and get some gains in the process, party that wall street have been celebrating for years but at difference of us using fraud.

Fake media already tried to left us like villains.

Do you remember those articles on the first newborn squeeze on January saying: we were Russians (racist agenda i know), the same responsible for the Capitol Attack (terrrist), we have been posting racist post against black people (also racist), antisemitic stuff (more racism), and other dozens and dozens amounts of fucing bullshi*, we apes do not recognize age, genre, skin color, we are all a family?

Like, I’m sorry I asked for a home loan of $300k and not $500B in leverage to gamble, All we did was buy a stock we like, If that’s all it takes to hurt the market. The market is broken on the first place, we are holding a stock and air (countherfeit shares), the 1% are holding the money that the the 99% does not have and stealing the more they can, you should look for the guilty on the other side, so get ready to be vilified by everyone.

Fake media have been for months leaving us like villains and I’ve seen years of script to brainwash people.

We are common people, students (I’m a college student and freelancer), nurses, essential workers that run this country, veteran, and we used our hard worked money to invest and to save business from bankrupt, and if possible make some money to help our families, playing by the rules of a rigged game wall street have been using to rob people’s money for years, understand that we just like the business, would have been sad to see them going out of business, in conclusion, we and friendly whales just like the stock.

We’ve been holding for months, going for almost half a year while corrupted hedge parasites rob our money, even the ones who only can allow themselves to have one just share, with millions of us, those shares are a lot, don’t feel little, we are at 100% ownership removing the naked short and duplicated, you are an important part of this, if nobody paper hand they can also can have an opportunity for a life change.

Also if they go away with this future investors will suffer the same, we have the tools now to stop them and this situation might not repeat on the history since they’ll keep robbing people’s money and don’t get caught with the pants down again, don’t be a paper hand, diamond get created under pressure, why get pennies when you can get a lifechanging.

On 04-17-2021 and this days have you seen the synchronized crypto crash? (push and dump), if you think this is retail, you are living in another reality, to me sounds like they are using their machines with crypto.

r/Superstonk - The House of Fraud - The Biggest Corruption Scandal on History
old image (a few weeks) but you got the point

Treasury bonds

I’ve been doing research and by the liquidity issues, and the crypto crash looks like hedge funds have been also playing over leveraged, no just that but this time the mortgage bonds are treasury bonds shorted to oblivion, in other words, they gamble hard with the US economy like they did on 2008.

So Citadel and friends have shorted the treasury bond market to oblivion using the repo market. Citadel owns a company called Palafox Trading and uses them to exclusively short and trade treasury securities.

Parafox manages one fund for Citadel – Citadel Global Fixed Income Master Fund LTD.

Total assets over $123 Billion and 80% are owned by offshore investors in the Cayman Islands. Their reverse repo agreements are entirely rehypothecated and they cannot pay off their own repo agreements until someone pays them of, first. The entire global financial economy is modeled after a fractional reserve system that could beginning to experience the mother of all margins calls.

(I had to discard more captures due to post image limits)


There were heroes who were fighting against corruption and fraud alone, others that were victims of it whose voices were silenced, and all the John Doe and Jane Doe we never knew about, don’t forget them.

r/Superstonk - The House of Fraud - The Biggest Corruption Scandal on History

r/Superstonk - The House of Fraud - The Biggest Corruption Scandal on History

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