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We are from the DreaMore which is a social enterprise that helps people to chase their dreams. In order to fulfill our vision, we are working to launch an ICO program for our current learning platform called the DreaMore Academy. But we cannot meet our goal without the help of yours. Now, we are writing to you to invite you to be our sponsors in this pre-sale and we will offer you at least 2% of the token sale.

Why do we do this?
We know not all people have a dream or already give up their dreams because of different reasons. One of the missions to launch a learning platform is to help people to find out or regain their dreams. To add meaning to life. Through this platform, We gather and learn how to chase our dreams with the right education and share resources with another towards a better life.

The other mission is the spread of Blockchain Technology. Since we are an education centre, we believe that people got lots of misunderstanding within Blockchain Technology and equal to the best INVESTMENTS which could make them create fortune but there are thousands of cryptocurrencies and none of them would behave as Bitcoin in the first place. Therefore, lots of scammers would use the lack of education to be their wealth and create a toxic environment. And the toxic environment makes people fear of this technology. We believe that the right education changes the current environment and increase confidence to Blockchain Technology.

What benefit we can show to society through this platform?

  1. Diversity and Personal Education
    We help people to chase their dreams with correct education as well as the Blockchain Technology, we are having more than 10 coaches who worked with us in these years. We would offer more qualified courses and workshops in the platform.

  2. ICO Courses after the ICO Launched
    Since our ICO has been published, we know and qualified to teach Blockchain Education including the ICO which allows people to know what ICO is, to identify which ICO is invest-able or scams and help the society to create better and trustworthy blockchain technology companies and tokens.

  3. ICO License
    In order to create a better environment of the field, we would offer a licensing system to all the companies that are willing to launch an ICO which avoid scammers. We studied Switzerland has a certain license for the ICO but the Asian and the system is questionable.

What do we offer?

  1. Pre-sale Price of certain DreaMore Academy Token (DAT)
    For our investors, we will provide the token will the price at USD 0.024, and for instance, if the sponsors offer over USD 2000, they would be given around 83,000 DAT in each party.

  2. Free Seminar and Workshops from our companies
    We would offer free seminar and workshop that help our sponsors to launch Blockchain or ICO workshop or seminar not longer than 4 hours.

  3. Social Impact of from the sponsorship
    With using our sponsors, we would like to create a better culture for dream chasers, and a environment for the Blockchain Technology and ICO atmosphere. In order to fulfil this goal, we will help dream chasers and teenagers to find their purpose and aim. And provide the right education about financial education and Blockchain Technology.

We hope you can be one of our sponsors and first investors for the Pre-sale to make this learning platform one of our best yet. And we would offer a certain token within the ICO period. All the funding will be used for ICO launching an operation for the DreaMore Academy. Also, we will Provide attachment for further information. If you have any further queries, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are looking forward to your reply and participant.

Yours faithfully,

Founders of DreaMore Academy Token

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