Life of the haves regarded as vanity upon vanity

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We all came to this world with nothing we are all gonna go back with nothing... That has been the watch guard of those that I regard as the do not haves... I'm from that part of the world where the do not haves console themselves with religion what Karl Marx regarded as opium of the masses,hope to the hopeless; they see the do haves as being greedy and selfish and will never associate themselves with the do haves. But come to think of it, the do haves of our time are those that have invested their time in doing tangible and innovative things while others are busy doing irrelevant things. People like Mark Zuckerberg,Bill Gates, Ronaldo, Dangote and the likes.
For some of these do haves it innate and for some of them it hard work and perseverance. These people have worked themselves up to the top. They've help in innovating things that are so relevant that we can't do without them in our today society. My advice to the do not haves is that instead of praying and fasting without doing anything,excepting manners to fall from heaven which is impossible because the bible says heaven help those who help themselves. Think out of the box, be responsible to yourself and the society at large and stop bothering yourself about some other person's wealth but how to make yours.
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Good post !! keep it up.


Thanks man

Hard work pays, its a good post


Yeah it does