THE COLLECTION OF DREAMS #1 - They Are Throwing Stones At Me

in dream •  last year

I had this dream in 2007:


I am hanging out with a group of guys, everyone of us is just chilling, doing our thing here and there. I recognize one or two of my close friends at that time there, also chilling in the group. In my mind, i feel like its a setting of club boys or maybe confraternity chaps... something of that sort anyway.

After a while of chilling, I begin to feel strange in the group, I am feeling less and less connected with the group, and feeling more and more out of place, like I am in the wrong place. While these thoughts are growing stronger in my mind, suddenly the chief of the group attacks one of the guys in the group, questionning what he is still doing in the group, that they had told him to quit the group since, so he is not supposed to still be here. A stone is thrown apparently at the guy, it barely misses me on its way to hit its target.

Its a wake up call for me, immediately I go up to the chief, shake him, and tell him I am leaving. As I leave the group, others are running off as well. I notice an old woman, joining some people in throwing stones, really big stones at us. I manage to run off without being hit by any of the stones. A little boy runs up to me with a stone in hand intending to throw it at me, l grab the boy and run off with him. I know they wont dare to throw stones anymore because they dont want to hit the little boy.

...and then i wake up to realize it was just a dream. So i say silent prayer, thanking God for the dream and for preserving me from harm in the dream.

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