Dreaming is Beautiful !

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We all dream of something before being someone.

I believe dreams is what makes us humans, it gives us targets to reach in our lives. Some dreams of building huge things and exploring the world, others dreams of being a famous rockstar, its sure that we dream about a lot of things !

In my dreams I like to fly to discover new worlds and have a rise of adrenaline and IRL Im a curious guy I often like to try new things, I also like to have thrills. It seems like that all we live IRL, we also live it in another way in our dreams. People often under-estimates the power of dreams, if you currently have nightmares it means that you're afraid of something, there's something that you want to get rid of for example if you dream of killing zombies it could be traduced by the fact that your boss is an asshole with you and all you want is to beat his ass. Dreams have means.
More than that, they also traduce our desires.

By the way, they're not only a resume of your day or your desires, they can also be a tool to enhance your life. You can do that with lucid dreams, which need a little bit of practice before being capable to be better or learn anything you want easily. When you have a LD ( Lucid Dream ) it means that you are aware its a dream and that you can control it, for example there is a song you’re incapable to play with your guitar IRL then once you’re awake you could play it with less difficulties, like you did found a better way to play it in your dream, its like another reality with less constraints.
Here’s a link on how to do a LD, it really helped me out : http://www.wikihow.com/Lucid-Dream

I remember my last LD, it was 6 months ago I dreamt that I was in a beautiful countryside, with a sweet gold sunshine and birds singing it was so beautiful that I was aware this was only a dream so I started looking at my hands I saw 6 fingers on my right hand then it has been confirmed I finally succeeded to LD ! At this moment I felt myself very powerful and I tried to levitate only by thinking, the horizon seemed to be very far from me so I wanted to get to it. The flying sensation was new to me, I just flew like Superman with my hands in front of me but in fact I did more flew like Hancock than Superman, yep I flew like I was drank, hitting trees on my way but not giving a shit. You would probably ask how did it felt, well you see when you put your head out of the car window at high speeds ? It was like that but surrounding your holy body, it was a very pleasant experience. If only I could do it once again, the only thing missing is motivation, I don’t have it. This is what you need, this is the most important thing to get if you want to succeed to LD.

Finally LD may be hard to do but they are worth it, its may be the most beautiful gift life gave us, so use it as much as you can !

And you did you ever experienced a LD ? Tell me, I would like to know !


I have often wished I had more time to focus on improving and experiencing lucid dreams. I have had a few and it was great. I have always told myself that if I end up in prison for some reason this would be my escape.

If I end in prison I would use LD to make a plan in order to escape aha

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