"Getting divorced and the mother leaves with the child" - A dream interpretation

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My husband dreamed that I wanted to divorce him and take our child. We have been married for four months now and I am yet to give birth to a boy/girl (not known yet). I am 32 years old and my husband is 35 years old and we are expecting our first child. I have no intentions of divorcing him and I do not think about it at all. What does the dream say?


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The dream reflects what is happening in the mind of the dreamer. The fact that he told you about the dream does not require you to start searching through your hidden thoughts to find a shred of thought about a potential divorce. This would only lead to unjustified feelings of guilt.

Your husband's divorce dream should be interpreted on the basis of his symbolic world. What does your presence stand for in his world? Does he, for example, rely on you? Are you his backrest? Are you the force that powers and vitalizes his existence? Do you have any prominent personality trait that your husband used in the dream to symbolize something for himself?

Once he finds what you represent for him, he will understand the meaning of the dream. He will see that he is afraid of losing that "something" you represent. Maybe he's losing it already. For example, if you represent for him the motif of stability at work, the dream may hint at a professional change to take (=you being pregnant). This is just an example. He may be afraid of losing you after the baby is born. Again, he needs to go within, not you.

Good Luck!


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He's just afraid of losing the two most important people in his life..shows how much he loves you..

Very enjoyable pesoside of nomad- magus. Your story is the mirror of moderrn age. Thanks so much.

nice to read this story @nomad-magus