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You don't become wealthy winning the lottery or get in inheritance.

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Studies reveal that who win the lottery 10 millions, 50 millions or 100 millions, in average 10 years later those same people who won the lottery 10 years ago are broke or even in worst financial situation than before.

So how that is possible?

Someone said if we took all the money in the world, divided it up equally among everybody, it would soon all be back in the same pockets.

If we want to create wealth we need to create value. Solving problems or add value ( these are the only 2 options we have and it is how wealth is created ).

Or did I fall into entitled mentality, did I think that the world owe me something, the government owe me something, wealthy people owe me something or have I understood how the principles of wealth really work?

No anyone ends up in poverty by mistake and no one becomes a millionaire by accident right?

Someone doesn't become sick by mistake, these are all consequences of patterns, these are consequences of habits.

We all need to have really good habits:

Here below are some good habits we should have:

a) Living with integrity ( tell the truth, truthful in our relations, truthful with ourselves, doing the right thing because we all know when we are doing the wrong or right thing to do ).

b) Eating healthy, eat for energy, we need to eat for nutrition, eat in a way that fuels our bodies and allow us to do the things we want to do.

c) Self-development, daily self-development, set aside time to read, listen everyday some good nutrition for the mind.

d) Exercise, the human machine, this body, these bodies that we have, that we live in, they work better if we exercise everyday.

e) Practice self-discipline, If we have self-discipline we exercise because we know it is supposed to do like that. If we have self-discipline we eat healthy because we know it is supposed to do like that. If we have self-discipline we do the right thing.

f) Read every day, every successful person reads everyday.

g) Taking action, we do something that takes us closer to our dreams. If we have goals, if we have objectives, dreams to accomplish, we really want to accomplish them, then we really have to take action.

So get up and move forward.

Have a great week and just Do life!

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