Getting Hassled With A Giant

in dream •  11 months ago 

This morning I had a dream that an older woman (a neighbor ?) wanted me to tag along to get a ham (and cheese?) sandwich.
So, as I'm preparing to take this trip to get a ham sandwich, I look up and see this giant next to me; the old woman has turned into this very tall awkwardly skinny man. I'm unruffled by this drastic change in appearance yet amazed at how tall he is that I ask his height. He says he's 7'3" and I kept saying, Wow, I thought at the most 7'2" because I never thought I'd meet someone so tall(as if he was 1 inch shorter it would be more believable? lol) He would politely respond each time, no I'm 7'3" As he continues to prepare for our outing, I noticed his clothing was very "earth-toned" and looked very old, somewhat smokey or dirty in appearance(?) I couldn't figure it out as he continued to put on layers of scarves. He seemed very stern yet gentle. Then I noticed his weather-beaten face and this noticeably large nose. I remember wondering for a second if he were poor, then I remembered that he *must be rich because we live in the same building (<--???!! $$$ say what now?).

I thought of this immediately even though the giant was more of a mix of a gentler Freddie Krueger and Mr. Nobody

Taken in 2015

So we leave and we're walking down an industrial street. A group of young thugs began following us and going on about his height and he just walks along not really saying much back to them...but now, one grabs me by the butt and picks me up... and I'm not angry. I'm more annoyed and I go, Now dude, why would you do that? and he's holding my hands back (how a boyfriend stands behind his girlfriend while holding her hands on her shoulders but I was attempting to break free without much's as if I was trying to keep my rage down), I'm not scared...I'm a bit annoyed the tall guy isn't doing anything (he's surrounded by the other thugs so I yell for help because I think that I should) yet I remain in this calm energy of figuring out how to get out of the situation am I going to allow my rage to take over resulting in violence causing him to learn his lesson or am I willing to relinquish this peacefully and gently slip away? All of a sudden he's ordered me an uber black to take me back (?) and I tell him I'm not taking that uber, it could be one of your asshole friends ( I do not know this guy at all in the dream...he's more like a shadow now or an energy)I begin waking up now I think I began walking back, but I woke up soon after the uber arrived.

Just wanted to jot this down here. I'm attempting to keep a record of my thoughts and dreams more.

Also, if anyone has any idea of what the dream may symbolize, please feel free to comment below! Thanks :)

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