Draw it better #15 entry theme: Pokémon - "Cubone, the lonely pokemon"

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Hi everyone! This is my first time to participate in Draw it better contest by @sirsensei :)

Thank you for holding such an amazing contest like this sir!

Im an avid fan of pokemon when i was still a child, I've played pokemondeluge, pokemon in gameboy, and many more games about pokemon, and even the newest pokemongo. I used to draw them in cards which really made me even love them more because of their fascinating features.

And now i am given a chance to pick and catch a pokemon.

So I chose Cubone!

Here's my entry!


I picked cubone because of his toughness despite of him, being lonely.

Cubone is a ground-type pokemon which abilities are: rock head or lightning, rod, battle armor, hidden ability and has weaknesses of: grass, water, ice.

He longed for his mother, which will never be seen again. He even cry if he see a fullmoon for it really reminds him of her. The stains on the skull he wears were made by his tears.

He will evolve into marowak that has already overcome its sadness and grown tough from the loss of his mother. He became tempered.

Here's a step-by-step process of my cubone


Materials used:
coloured pencils, pencil, eraser and a cutter(sharpener alternative)

1. Light sketching

I first sketched the figure of cubone. The stroke of the pencil was only light to be just easy for possible changes.


2. Applying of colors using coloured pencils

I then applied colors to its body first.
The main colors used were: yellow for the base, orange for the second layer and red for the third base



3. Detailing

I added more details and black strokes to make the drawing more emphasized.


4. Making the bone mask

After finishing the body, I then started to draw the mask.
The main colors used: black, peach, brown.

I then added the base color, peach and brown for it to look like an ivory color which is the color of bones.



5. Finalizing the mask

I added more details and shadings.


6. Drawing of his weapon - bone


7. Finalizing

This includes the making of the wood he is standing on and the background.
The main color used in drawing the wood: brown, black
The main color used in the background: blue, pink and black


And here we have it!

We just caught a cubone!


Thanks for spending your time 😊 peace y'all! 😁🙌

gif kinit.gif

Yours truly,


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Very nice!

Thank you! 😁😂

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Hi buddy, nice to meet you! Nice post & drawing! Thank you for both & good luck with the contest.

Thank you @sirsensei :) pls continue your good deeds! You really are helping artist in steemit grow! 😁

Hi buddy, great to see your amazing work. It really is a beauty. Guess I have forgotten a lot about Pokemon, but Cubone evolving to Marowak is a cool thing, and showing us that as humans we too can evolve Into better us.
Keep being amazing @ligarayk

Thank you brother! 😊 Yea that's why i chose this pokemon for its amazing personality and experience. I really can relate to the pokemon for am still a cubone right now, and still waiting to evolve into a marowak someday, hopefully 😊 any well, thanks again bro! 😊

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Thanks for showing us the steps. Sure looks easy!! Lol. I know it's not. Takes practice, skill and style. Great job! Joy

Wow! This is very awesome! I draw but nowhere near as well as this. You are an inspiration! 😊

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