Drawitbetter Contest #18: Wolf

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Hello Steemians! Here's my entry for @sirsensei's drawing contest for this week's theme- Wolf.
Wolves are cute right? I enjoyed making this one because I love how they got their thick fur ang angelic faces. Nyahahaha! Ohw that's in my own perception guys, hehe.

Anyways, here's how I made my wolfy drawing:


    Making its fur like flying and swaying to make this wolf looked more cute. Hahaha!
    But then, I was thinking why not put some blue- inked pen because it is kinda boring to end that way. Hahaha

  3. COLORING: Actually, I thought I will just end my drawing as inked only by pens, but then as always, coloring my arts is my favorite part and since I so love this wolf, I am giving it try to make it more alive and amazing.
    By using oil pastels, I want it colored by blue.
    I also colored its face by white and tried to make the shadows effects with the gray color.
    Spreading the colors here with variation. Almost done!

My final result of my drawing will always be after I put my username on it.
So here's my entry!! With the theme- Wolf. Lets draw together soon! Thanks for passing by.

I encourage you all to support and vote
Terry @surpassinggoogle as your witness. Read his blogs and Im sure you'll be inspired. Thank you!
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Beautiful artwork. We will mention it in our next edition of @teardrops.

Thank you for promoting Steemgis, maybe you want to review your vote, since currently it does not register successful.


Thank you @teardrops!
How to register fully po?

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Here we mention you:

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Thank you for mentioning me!!

Done. Thanks for checking I didnt really register or cast my vote right. Thaannkies

kahinumdom ko ni lyca sa lobo


Hahahaha. Gmingaw ka nya te? Gwapa r kaayo si lyca te. Ay? Hahahaah

It looks great ♥ I really hope and pray that I have that kind of talent.


Hey! It is never too late po. You can still learn how to draw 😏

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Ohhw! Thank you again @steemph.iligan! Balik2 lang po Hehe