Drawing Challenge#9 - Lighted Girl

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Hi everyone! 😊

This is my entry for the drawing challenge hosted by @helene. The theme for her 9th drawing challenge or contest is "light".

The Painting - Lighted Girl

Do you know the photographer Brendon Woelfel? If not, you should definetly check him out on Instagram under @brandonwoelfel.

Either way - it was his photography, which popped into my mind, when I read the theme "light". I really like, how he plays with the light in his photographs and make "his" girls look so beautiful.☺️

Thus, it inspired me for this painting. I used several photographs by him - for reference purposes.

But now - let me show you my drawing process:

Step 1: Sketch

I started with a - very rough sketch - on paper.

Please excuse the poor proportions... I had to fixed many of them during the linework.😣

Step 2: Linework

I made - a LOT of - changes to the initial rough sketch in this phase.

I wasn’t quite happy with the proportions and also the hair bothered me.😥

Therefore I pretty much fixed everything - I didn't like - during this phase.

Step 3: Base Colours

Here I blocked in the base colours.

I chose to seperate the girl and the background into two different layers, as the light effects would be the main focus of the painting.

Little did I know - at this point, as I had to add many more … later on.😅

Step 4: Face

Over to the face…

I used a very soft brush for painting the skin in coop with the "airbrush" feature, in order to create a smooth surface. For the finishing touches - I also applied the filter "gaussian blur”.

For the eyes I chose a pink colour, as I wanted them to be piercing bright.😉

Step 5: Hair

So - now to the hair.

First I started with a large soft brush by shading in different sections of hair.

Then I continued with a smaller soft brush and added more defined shadows with a darker colour.

After that I added some highlights with a textured-painting-brush.

Step 6: Outfit

I wanted to keep her sweater very simple.

Therefore I just shaded with darker colours, in order to give it a 3-dimensional feeling.

Step 7: Background

And now - to the LIGHT.

It was quite a challenge to imitate the light effects, which are quite unique in Brandon Woelfel's photography.

In this phase - I experimented a lot and ended up with way too many layers.😅

I also turned off the linework layer at this stage, as it looked more natural this way.

And that's it.😉

I had a lot of fun creating this one - thanks to @helene for hosting this contest!☺️

If you enjoyed my painting, please follow and upvote.

Thank you so much for reading,
@artbunny 🎨🐰


Your a very good digital artist! She looks awesome!

Thank you very much, @wix! ☺️

Really a stunning work it's really amazing effort

Thank you - kindly, @syedabuadillah!😊

I love the progress pics. They are great stand alone pieces..

Thank you so much, @jameshsmitharts! I truly appreciate it. ☺️

I love this.
Your drawings are wonderful

Thank you, @tormiwah! So glad that you like my drawing.😊

Very nice. I love Phototshop, and showing your process is very cool and somewhat inspiring. Well done!

I am happy to hear that you find my painting inspiring. Thank you kindly - for your comment, @lyeshel!☺️

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I simply love your articles, what great content and quality of posting you offer the community here on Steemit and abroad.

Thanks a lot :)

Thanks, that is very kind of you! 😊

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