One Year Drawing Challenge #5: (Honey and Wax Figures)

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The real man greets everyone:

It's me again. It's another cloudy day. A little bit of snow here and there.
But at least it's not that cold as it was at the beginning of March.
Actually, it felt kinda warm, I enjoyed today's weather a lot.
My head is also a bit cloudy with all the projects that I'm currently working on.
And also I have a feeling that I'm starting to get ill.
Trying to eat barrels of honey and drink hot fruit tea to fight damn man's flu symptoms.

The real man never steps back:

But can it really stop the REAL man who is in the middle of doing a challenge?
Of course, not! I keep my word to the end and keep drawing.
Even if all the world goes against me I'll still keep going, that's how you progress guys.
And that's how you inspire other people to try something new!
And that's what we are doing right now!

As the time goes by I seriously think we have some progress.
As I remember we've started from drawing Cubes. And you know... there is nothing fun in drawing Cubes, I can assure you.
If only it's an Ice Cube. I like that one, but that's another man's story.

The wax is everywhere:

So... what's the highlight of today?
Wax figures. Forms of human face and a couple more practise drawings:


I try not to rush and keep building my foundation.
That's why I'm being consistent with the understanding of the object forms, shadows and other important stuff.
Maybe I'll post something fun on the weekend to cool down :d

It's never bad to say thank you occasionally:

How often do you have a chance to do something that inspires you, meet people with the same interests from all parts of the world and also monetise the learning process?
Steemit really rocks at this point. I'm really glad to be a part of this new huge movement that is steadily changing peoples lives. So I just want to say thanks to people who help this platform grow. As easy as that.

Thanks for coming by, hope you have a fantastic time.
Have fun and good luck to you guys in your endeavours! :D

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Amazing!! Thanks Yaan!


Sup Matt :D Nah, it's nothing much.

You are amazing, way to go learning a new skill, I am going to start practicing anatomical precise drawings now😍😘😘


Hey, Reds! I thought you're already grandmaster at all this stuff :D
I remember your work related to "American Gods". That was very good.


I taught myself to draw and I have gaps in my studies. I spent a short time teaching myself how to draw people. You make me want to go back and review...seriously...

We inspire each other <3

I have a crush on Odin...hahaha


Yeah, that Odin was cool :D
It's not that bad to come back and review some basics time after time <3

Nice progress! Keep hustling and it will happen! Work on these perspectives and it will become mechanical, so you won't have to think it and focus on the next step!


I have no idea what is about to come. We will see :d
I really just have to focus on the next step.

You really do well:) always good to see the progress and I know how much effort you have paid. Looking forward to your new arts!


I wish I was better to actually be able to paint portraits. Maybe later.
And I don't even know how it will go when I switch to digital art.

Ahaha, See, I told you it works. But it's a bit higher than expected lol.

Compared to what you showed me before it's already starts shaping in good forms.
You inspire a lot of people with your drawing challenge, keep learning, man.


Yeah, it worked out well. But it's a bit overkill... I should've tried a smaller amount :d
I'll keep grinding, don't worry lol.


Don't be lazy, man. You should write a new post in the next few days! :O

Inspiration is the key.
When you are inspired you do more, with more comes reward, with reward comes happiness.
It is the cycle of life. Let's live it to the fullest.
Thank @steemit for bringing us all together, and @yaan for inspiring this comment.


Hey, thanks for stopping by :0)

Awesome sketches @yaan seem like you really paying off your hard work on your projects wish you all the best for your all projects 👍👌.And yeah strongly agreed with your point strong man never step back 😇.@yaan if you're feeling flue symptoms i would suggest have ha ginger honey tea. with just 1 or 2 cups you feel better stay blessed


I also have to go out for studies almost every day so it's kinda hard to fight the flu lol.
But thanks anyway :0)


yup i know it's hard to fight with flue once symptoms appear but if we take proper medication along with
homemade remedies we can somehow overcome but still, it's only your choice. again my best wishes are along with you :)

Hello, I looked at some of your posts and personally I think that a drawing can be objectively more or less beautiful, but the value it has for the artist who "lived" it always makes it perfect.


I think they are awful and I was thinking of throwing them away. But had to post something :0)

While reading, I felt like I was reading something wrote by my old friend.
By the way, second picture, I'm talking about, nose and mouth, damn I want to draw like that!


Nah, I don't have friends, I'm a nerd :0)
The second picture has a lot of mistakes, but thanks :d


nerd's can have friends too! trust me!
Mistakes are necessary


I haven't thought about that. So I can have friends! That's nice!

Kesinlikle, çok iyi zaman geçirdim.
Tüm dünya karşında olsa bile, çizmeye devam etmen ne kadar güzel.
Hasta olmana rağmen içerik üretiyorsun.
Tam bir kahramansın.
Dünya değişiyor ve zaman geçtikçe ilerliyoruz.
Figürleri çok beğendim.
Bu güzel resimleri hazırladığın için teşekkür ederim.


Дада, спасибо. Буду признателен, если вы будете писать на английском :0)


Not everyone speaks English.
I wrote beautiful cues for you.
I have added google translate translation.
I liked your pictures anyway.
It's easier for me to speak Turkish.
Can Turkish speakers like your pictures too?
Thank you for your answer.
I can write on both sides for you.
So we're clear.
I do not mind.
If you come to my page, you can write in English.
Sorry for the translation mistakes.

Herkes ingilizce bilemez.
Sizin için güzel cümleler yazdım.
Google translate çevirisi ekledim.
Yine de resimlerinizi beğendim.
Türkçe konuşmak benim için daha kolay.
Türkçe konuşanlar da resimlerinizi beğenebilir mi?
Cevabınız için teşekkür ederim.
Sizin için her iki dilde de yazabilirim.
Böylece anlaşırız.
bence sorun yok.
Eğer benim sayfama gelirseniz, İngilizce yazabilirsiniz.
Çeviri hataları için üzgünüm.


I'm saying it not because of me. But because of other people in the comment section lol)
I can always google translate heh.
Thanks for your reply :0)

Thanks for the well wishes. I wish you the best with this challenge and your other endeavors. This would be my weakness. Faces and people even. I suck at drawing or painting people. You seem to have a good Handel on it. Good luck with the rest!


Well... I have zero talent in drawing and somehow able to produce average results because I do it regularly.
I believe you are much more capable than me, so you just need to practice more lol.


I suppose your right. I'm going to quit my day job and free up some time for practice. lol. Maybe when I retire some day I'll have the time to take a class on drawing the human body. would be cool.

Your sketches are really really deserve applaud...I am also an artist but of low level,I am inspired by you and create something special..


Nah they are average, nothing special :0)

Excelente post para aprender a hacer figuras y cuerpos en 3D, cuanto tardas tu en hacer un boceto ? Yo tambien practico el dibujo a lapiz si quieres puedes entrar en mi perfil a ver varios dibujos, saludos :D



I love your sketch Mr. @yaan !
let me share your post and follow you. Greetings from me.


Greetings, there is nothing special, just practising :0)

hola amigo exelente dibujo yo tambien hago dibujos espero puedas seguirme amigo y asi apoyarnos mutuamente



Hi yaan.
How did it go with the wax figures?
This is something that really intrigues me because of the lighting possibilities.
These posts are great.
Thanks, Yann.


It's still hard to draw them, I'm constantly making mistakes.
Thanks for coming by :0)