Learning Charcoal: Size control - with Griffin from "The Autumn Keep"

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We are moving on from the pencils today but not too far away, as we're looking at its cousins, the charcoal brushies :D

Krita came with three different charcoal brushes, but really, I think they are only different in sizes. So I will not be returning to more charcoals-only pieces after this one.

For today's piece, I started with the "Charcoal Pencil - Thin" tool, which is set at size 6. This is a good setting to start fine lines with, and so I began with my go-to place: the eyes :D

I did not change the brush for the whole of the piccar, only changed the size of the brush. As you can notice at the end of it, I got lazy and used a different size to shade the forest with, and that's why the dark forest looks different on the boy's left side and on his right... XD;;;

As I have written in the video, I wanted to draw a boy today and since I just caught up with @fromage and @zakludick 's joint story project, THE AUTUMN KEEP, I bring to you, the main hero of the story, GRIFFIN.

Here is the finished piccar:

And if you would like to know more about Griffin and his adventures, here are the links to the chapters! Each chapter is written by alternating author, so you get to experience the dynamic of the two author's styles and relationships, also :D It is a really cool project!!!

The Keep

Chapter 1 by @zakludick
Chapter 2 by @fromage
Chapter 3 by @zakludick
Chapter 4 by @fromage
Chapter 5 by @zakludick
Chapter 6 by @fromage
Chapter 7 by @zakludick
Chapter 8 by @fromage
Chapter 9 by @zakludick

As for today's tips and tricks,

Yesterday I mentioned about the most basic composition set up, which is to place the focus at the center of a canvas, and today we are using the off-center focal point for this picture. With an off-center composition, you place the focus of the picture away from the center point, which creates a vacuum for the eyes to search connection with. Off-center composition usually works when there are corresponding 'points of interests' on the canvas.

So, for example, in yesterday's piece, the audience is supposed to be, like, drawn only towards the girl's face and expression. But in today's piece, the illustration presents the character, and The Autumn Keep. Now to make things even more interesting, I was drawing (subconsciously) the triangular arrangement, with The Keep as the head of the triangle, and the arms of Griffin as the legs of the triangle. In this particular case, I even drew a diagonal leather strap on Griffin's outfit that emphasized the triangular arrangement for the focal area of the piccar !

You can study a bit more about compositions as you are getting more comfortable with placing characters in an environment :D Be experimental, and have fun, would be my advice !!! :D

Also, please note that I am self-taught as an artist, so a lot of these stuffs that I'm spouting come from my own experience and feelings. They may not be the 'correct' way to art, hahahaha~

Previous Learnings


I didn't actually ask for permission to draw Griffin, so please bap my head if I overstepped my mark, @zakludick and @fromage ... XD;;;;;

Anyway, that's today's learnings :D I aim to continue to try out Krita's brushes in my journey to get familiar with this software.... Hopefully, by the end of it, I can make a proper illustration using the right brush for the right task, and that we all learned a few things together !

^ _____ ^

Any questions about how I draw, please don't hesitate to ask me in the comments~ I don't bite (hard)~

copyright @veryspider. all rights reserved.

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As always, I'm a fan of your art.

@verySpider is the person to follow...

as for @barelySpider, I have no time, patience or energy for that untalented hack 😆

...and don't even get me started on @marginallySpider!!!


XD i had to actually click to check if there was barelyspider and marginallyspider accounts !!!! XD hahahahah

you totes got me, @overkillcoin <3

thanks, as always, for your support o7


still not sure why is in anime section, this isn't from a anime XD


? i draw in anime style :O

where else people who draw in anime style supposed to put their original works? :O


Not from an anime...yet


hahahah, that would be amazing ! if your writings will become anime one day, @fromage <3 !!!


Wouldn't it be funny if there were!


Yeah, it would be XD


Nice video, spider. I don't really think about composition when I draw, but I believe you are right, it is important to give it proper consideration because a good art usually has a good foundation.        
I enjoy watching you made this art and this boy has a posture and countenance of a main hero :D.        


thank you scrawleroo <3 .... i also do not give compositions a lot of thought to be honest /o\

but yes i think it is important



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Their shapes and textures are slightly different, I'm currently using them to shade shirts and I have to keep trying to remember which one I'm using XD

How did you find the charcoal brushes?


oh, really??? i thought they were just size variations... XD mmm shows you how much i know !!! XD

i think the charcoal is nice, i quite like the texture it is making :D


LoL I literally only found out the piece I'm working on now XD If it's any consolation I'm still relearning and getting used to things too as the brushes changed a bit from last version ;D

you are very talented @veryspider! It is difficult to say if your teaching skills overcame your drawing skills. Anyway, rythm and sensitiviy are part of your DNA.


hahaha as long as someone can benefit from my weirdness, im happy ! :D

Despite the hard nature of the charcoal, I feel your strokes and the dark background you gave the work brought a life to your work.



thank you @maxijgcomm !!! you are very kind <3

Absolutely enjoyed your drawing, you kept the balance of the composition, I love dark adn light areas, and I love that Castle on the top of mountain, would love to visit it :)


Thank you, @stef1 :D :D :D

As for the Keep, as far as the story is going, I'm not sure it is a very friendly place XD hahaha~

Can't speak for zak but I think this is super cool! Thanks for the mention VS!


YAYAYAYAYAY am happies you likey <3


It is totally cool! Hahaha, yeah would be great to make an anime out of it! Hahaha.


YAAAAAAAAAAAY also happies zak likey :D

And yeah, it would be !!! :D

I love using charcoal both real and digital. You've done a good job at it, that's for sure. I still need to try Krita, it seems you are liking it so far. How does it compare as a photoshop replacement.


i never had photoshop XD so i wouldn't know :>

but yes, krita's charcoal is fun !!! :D

woooow, beautiful drawing, I love the position the character is in, and the shadows are incredible.


thank you so much, francis :D

Charcoals be gud, real gud!


sure is !!! :D

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Ohh I thought this was traditional art :O Once I read I realized it's digital, that's awesome! :D
I love how you changed the thickness for the background and nice thin detailed for the character. I admit I can't see the triangular composition xD but I'm bad at that haha


I am also bad at composition so I can relate XD;;;;;;;

Yeah, I've been trying to get comfortable with KRITA so I've been doing mostly digital lately oWo;;;