Learning Pencils - Anime Princess

in drawing •  3 months ago

Still learning KRITA :D

I've tried the ink brushie rough with Ostara, and the other ink brushie (flat bristles) with Boudica and today I went with the pencils :D This one was the Pencil 2 in the beginning, but then I saw Krita also has the titled pencil tool, so I kinda switched midway to the tilted pencil and it's really nice! I used it for the remainder of the piccar, I think XD

As for the process, I usually start with the eyes and just follow through. The most important thing for me is to let my hands guide where it wants to go. I try not to control my creative flows, so to speak, haha..... Anyway, you can see how i draw in the time-lapse video :D

This particular drawing took ... maybe a little more than half an hour in reality, but I fast tracked it, because it is very boring otherwise :3

This is the finished piccar:

My tips for drawing an anime princess is to google various dresses before you draw to get a feel of the fashion :D Usually the collar areas are very interesting to draw (for me), and I love puffy sleeves so I often use that in my drawings XD.... and of course, HUGE skirts. I love those beautiful large, billowing skirts very much :D

But yes, basically how you dress your characters will indicate their identities / personalities. The "Princess" look is easily signaled with their fashion or dresses :) ....so, in short: THE DRESS MAKES THE PRINCESS! That's my tip ! :D

I might try the hard and soft pencil tools next time :> I think I would like to be able to really get a feel for each of these tools so I know where to use which one and how, in the future :)

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Love how you handle the shadows with the pencil, looks very organic.


Thank you very much <3 So kind of you~

Ooh, I've heard of Krita before is it easy to use? Also beautiful character as always spidey~


im just learning it now, thilah-chan ! i got it a few days ago and im loving it :D you should totally give it a go * __ *

She is a nice princess, spider. I like watching you draw, it seems your hands know where they want to go and then they just put stuff on the right places :).          


thank you, @scrawly :D drawing is an exercise of trusting yourself, as i say !!!

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Looking good spodey :D I actually use the pencil brushes out of a brushpack I downloaded for shading skin because it gives a nice texture, I don't actually draw with them XD so you can use them as their analogue equivalents or you could do totally random things with them XD

Experimenting is always a good idea, I do like how organised you are about it all XD


brushpack???!!! what is those

give me crack~

and thank you ryry <3


Brushpacks are pretty much as they sound, packs of brushes XD Someone basically took the time to make some brushes that had some effect they wanted and then kindly made them available to us plebs that either don't know how to make brushes or are too lazy.

This one is one of the ones I've been using for ages. Also still use this one even though most of the brushes in that pack are now actually Krita default brushes, as some of the brush settings are different and I like the original settings for various reasons.

And this one for more foliage (there's quite a few in the modular brushpack I linked to first, this one has some different shaped leaves and you can do more convincing fantasty/anime swooshes with them).

There's probably a tonne more out there but I haven't gotten to a stage where I've felt the need to look for more XD



thank you so much ryry

crack received \o/

Piccar pencil? Looks like an ink!

For the princess, I love it when their skirts are large and they support it with their left hand.

Bravo! Nice piece.


yes, it is pencil on krita :D

thank you, also !

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Hey! Great artwork. Specially those eyes, I really liked it :)


Thank you very much !!! :D

That's really cool, I love every artwork you produce actually haha... I'm a fan :)


Thank you so much, @anouk.nox !!! You're always so nice * ___ *


Welcome, you too @veryspider!

Ooh this is really lovely work! ... I must admit I have a bit of dress envy going on with your character right now, but what fun to research the fashion!

I've not come across Krita before so I'm definitely going to go and investigate! Loved watching your time lapse to see you naturally your piece comes together. Really lovely!
E x


Yep, definitely try Krita if you have the time to spare :D It is FREE and it is so gooooood * ___ *

thank you for visit and comments <3

'The dress makes the princess...'

Indeed! :) • Beautiful, as always...


Thank you zippy <3 <3 <3

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