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Like, a looooong time ago, like two months ago, I had this convo with the talented and the amazing @la-fumettista on traditional garbs cuz we both seem to like period clothings XD

@la-fumettista told me that her roots, being Italy, she mentioned about Sardegna and I was like ... !! I must google this~ So I did and the traditional dresses of this area is super beautiful * ___ * Just absolutely gorgeous~ Too bad it isn't worn outside of festivals and celebratory events anymore :(

BUT! It definitely fired up my muses and I started this drawing two months ago :) I kept at it here and there every other day, and now I finally have finished it :D

Here it is, a village woman, inspired by Sardegna traditional dresses~

I used pencil, my new inkpen and my old inkpen (the uni pen) for this piccar :>

Step by Step

Step 1: Eyes (@ryivhnn, see i DO use proper size pencils, sometimes XD)

Step 2: Face and veil

Step 3: Hair, shoulder, and sorry the camera blurred here :3

Step 4: Body

Step 5: Skirt, apron, details and background

Step 6: Shaded the dress with pencil (Had to change to my small pencil, since the proper size one was HB and the small one is 2B)

Step 7: Time for new inkpen to shine !

........and done :D


If there's a particular traditional garb that you like that you wanna share with me, let me know in the comments :D I love folksy dresses and I always welcome inspiration :D :D :D

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Nice drawing. Really productive @veryspider! Keep on creating :D



Thanks, Sander :D Drawing is almost like a thing I must do these days. I feel strange if I'm not drawing~ haha~

I didn't know about this Sardegna culture before, but their traditional cloth is really beautiful! It reminds me of what a traditional cloth supposed to look like (in my mind) and your drawing captured it very well, spider! :D
I also like the little background you give her, it adds more personality to the drawing.

How about the men's traditional clothing? I wanna see ulzzang ᗒωᗕ.



yayayayaya i didn't know about it either, scrawler~ until theresa told me and i was like omg so beautiful~ like disney outfits~ * ___ *

Imma have to look around deeper for the men's !!!!


HOW DID I MISS THIS?? This is so lovely, I'm so upset it took me this long to see this post :'(


aaaa theresa <3 you finally saw it ! XD that's alright, things get crazy busy at steemit+life sometimes <3 <3 <3

wow..that is cool and perfect


thank you !

Ah, the wonderful things we can do with pencil, paper, and patience. Great work.


yes, the three Ps! Pencil, paper and patience ! :D YOU NAILED IT~

This is beautiful! Looks traditional.


Thank uuuuu

Hey Spider, love how you draw from scratch!


everyone draws from scratch, dont they? :D

you mean, you like how i dont use construction lines? XD hahahah yea, i dont~ they confuse me, so i dont use 'em :> It's not cuz anything else :D

ty for comments <3

That is great work!


Thank you ! VERY KIND OF YOU~

I love period costume and clothing as well. I'm a bit obsessed with historical fashion.


Ah, yes, period outfits are very romantic, i find ! :>

Love it!!! 💙

Really beautiful drawing @veryspider!! 👏👏👏
Would you like to draw Georgian high middle ages (1200 ish) queen garbs.
Check this for convincing you hehe:


OH HO! thank you for the tips, melo ! This is really fascinating :D I might do one in the future :D :D :D

You don't even need an eraser!! How the hell did you do that?? lol so cool!!


i do! I used the eraser a lot on this one :O just look at the size of the skirt at Step 5, and im like LOL NAH this is too wide, and Step 6 has better shape of skirt :D

i just forgot to include it in my tools cuz like... it isn't ... a pen...

... yes

I AM DISCRIMINATORY AGAINST ERASERS. they aren't as cool as pens!