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The blue pieces of paper ! The ones that I had cut into four sections ! They have been quite in my mind seemingly since I kept returning to them even though I thought I would not for a while.... :3

First we have the Butterfly Princess, and then the Beast came for the second section and now, we have a strange new joiner for the series.... A dessicated figure, adorned with insects, wings and flowers .... . ___ .;;;; Don't ask me who this figure is or where they came from because my brain is weird like that... I usually have no idea what would come out when I began drawing so, I take no responsibility.... hahaha~

Here they are:

This one I made it only with the MICRON inkpen 005. Which is my favourite MICRON pen :>

Step by Step

Step 1: Eyes

Step 2: Flowers on head

Step 3: Horns and veil and beginning of the arm

Step 4: Giant insect baby

Step 5: Leech and wings... moth wings on this side

Step 6: Mantis on the other side and more wings, dragonfly wings~

Step 7: Background shading

Step 8: All crosshatched up and DONE

So, that leaves only one last piece to work on, and although i've written on it, I think I will draw on the other side :D I'm not sure what would come out hahah !!! Maybe another weird one will emerge :3

Here are them together, so far:

I think, I'm not really nailing the "fill up the entire available canvas" purpose that I set for myself with this one... Again, it seems that I've left quite a significant section of the available space only to be filled with crosshatchings... But, I still have one more piece to work on and hopefully that one will be a successful exercise for the goal I'm aiming for :D

Oh, and I've taken @scrawly's advice from my yesterday's post and here is the countdown to when I will livestream next :D

Hope to see you all there hahaha~ :D

copyright @veryspider. all rights reserved.

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Das creepy, but cool :D Really awesome concept @veryspider!


thank you @midlet <3 <3 <3

Wow, Amazing work. So much details and still so neat :)


thank you so much :D

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Looking grim. Getting into the dark arts I see!!


i was probably thinking a lot about your stuff when i was making this

so this one's on you

i think



Hahaha! Hey! When I first saw this, I have thought of @achristopherart. So that makes sense, now Spidey. :D


it's all on him ; __ ;

i don't really come up with weird creepy mummy being controlled by a sinister insect baby, usually ! do i ? no, i dont nuh uh

shifts blame comfortably


Creepy person, I like it a lot :).
Despite their look, they actually look quite gentle to the insect baby, so maybe not altogether bad fellow? Only bad to humans? XD

Hehehe, lovely artworks spidey. I like that you filled the whole picture with your cross hatching, I think this picture needs to be appropriately dark.


scrawly like creepy things? :O

probably they aren't really alive anymore, the insect baby is controlling it with its claws dug in to the arm... like one of those parasitic wasps...


thank you, scrawleroo <3 the crosshatchings were taking a while ! but yeah, it needed to be dark....!

So dope... your line work is amazing, and i love that creepy little bug she's homies with :)


thank you so much :D !!!

Nothing can stop you now!


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scary AF, love it :) You're super talented my man! Keep it up!


thank you, jan :D you're so nice <3

Amazing work dear friend.


Thank you !! :>

Mhh, I like this one, it reminds some dark tale, in a creepy forest, at twilight... You could start a story with this and the princess ! ^^


ohhh you're very creative :D haha... that would be quite a dark tale, indeed :>

I have to say, the sum of the whole is greater than the individual parts here. I really like where your thingy at the bottom went. They all look like they are supposed to be together. (Except maybe your angry short pencil comment.)


XD imma use that one's other side to complete this series :> so no more angry short pencil comment soon !

and yeah, i kinda like 'em together too.... thanks, choo <3

She's like if tim burton did a version of ms havisham


ohhhh i had to google ms havisham

and yeah, totally can see where you're coming from now


What a scary... -_-


hahaha yessss sorrry about thaaaaat aaaaaa


Np .. :D

Once again, I love your technique! This one's my favorite from all three.
Even though it seems to be from a hellish nightmare, but the creature looks calm and serene. I wonder what it's thinking?


Aaah thank you so much :D

... It's probably not thinking a hell lot. It's being controlled by the weird insect baby on its arm....



oh I see. Let's not make the insect angry then :D

Amazing!!! Although a bit creepy hahahaha, I love your work. Keep on delighting us with such beautiful pieces.


Thank you :D I shall keep on keeping on ! :D

waaaiiii , i cant look at it too long , that big worms , blah blah
by the way i love your technique :D :D :D :D
livestream in Dtube?
what are you going to draw?


aaah yaya, lots of insects, kinda creepy to look at for too long hahaha~

i donno what i will draw... i usually dont plan it... :3 we'll see what comes up when it happens !!! XD;;;

I love this one! You really need to dig a bit deeper into your darker side. Each time you go there I like the resulting piece more and more.


owoh, thank you ranwan .... * ___ * i know i do stick to my comfort zones a bit too much, haha... i will try to brave the darker side more... <3

So wonderful. Love the alien dark undertones throughout.


Thank youuuu :> Very kind <3

Me encantó todo de tu post, :O esparces muy buena vibra ¡Tu imaginación toca los límites y esos es extraordinario! ¿Cómo se llama ésta técnica que usas ?


aaa thank you so much ! i donno the name of the technique.... but i do a lot of crosshatching?

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The details are amazing Spidey! Love the hatchings, so neat!


thank you hiddi !!! :D

Creepy but very interesting! 😱😀

The best part is drawing the face, its very detailed a really fantastic artwork. up from me :-)

My wife is also sometimes drawing with paint by numbers, but your picture is another level . 👍


thank you so much !! the face was the origin of the rest of the picture, so i appreciate your comment <3 very kind of you !

I love this drawing @veryspider! I really hope I can make it to watch this being livestreamed! That would be amazing to see it in action!


the livestream one wouldn't look like this cuz it will be digital :> but thank you so much and hope you can catch me failing digitally !!! :D


I'm sure it will not be a failure. The time zone difference will be the kicker for me. I hope to see it, though.

This is sick, it looks great. I've heard micron fineliners are great, looking forward to use it one day.


Thanks ! Yes, microns are really wonderful to art with :>

I really dig this! The line work is fantastic.


Thank you @vesteban ! So nice of you ! :D

You did a great jon with that. I can't imagine how you came up with it.

How the heck did you come up with that? well, it seems like you have no idea as well. lol. I enjoyed going through the entire process, I especially love how you adorned it with flowers.

Creepy but fun!


hahahah yeah, i have no idea as well... XD

Thank you so much for your visit and comment <3


It was my pleasure!

Damn I'm about to go to bed and this will probably give me nightmares. Amazing work. Gonna follow so I can see more of this. Well done.


aaah thanks heaps !!! i hope you wont have nightmares, though !!! :D

Great work :O
the details and the design looks so cool
i don't know if to be amazed or scared xd
great work my friend


thanks, danya :D very kind of you <3 <3 <3

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I love these creepy works. Another live stream, you guys are killing it with that. :)


Well, only second live stream.... so far ! and it hasn't even happened yet XD but i'm looking forward to it :>

and thank you, donna :>

Crasy drawing!!it is scary ,especially the big worm!!But so well done great work.


Thank you very much, you are very kind <3


You deserve it:)

that's a good one - you handle the micron pen very well. Myself, I prefer dip pen, but I had to work with micron pen a few times to fit in with the collaboration group of artists: I posted 11 months ago Antipodes - in those days I didn't get many votes. Maybe I should do an update on it .....
you could comment on it if you like, then I can upvote your comment and comment back


thank you otto ! microns are very friendly to me, but i should try dip pens one of these days...

... and O M G this Antipodes project is incredible !!! AMAZING !!!

you should TOTALLY do an update on it, otto !!! * ___ *

Ho-lee-crap are are these cool!!! Really great work. I'm a big fan of short cross hatching like that, and you really nailed it. Everytime I think about trying that, I see work like this and think "yeah...that's more complicated than I am able to do. I'll leave that to people who know what they are doing"


you are wayyyyy way way too nice a person like omg how


thank you, doug * ___ *

Oh I like this so very much, so much attention detail and the work in progress is such a delight.

Really you are very talented, superb work @helpie has some amazing content creators.

#thealliance #witness


Thanks very much !! Your comments are very kind <3

Very interesting and unusual work!