Spider Coccoon

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There was once a spidery contents here but a spider has now put them inside coccoons.... Like Shelob did with Frodo Baggins~ Or maybe like those fleshy things in Aliens before the chestburster bursts out of them~ Yep, like one of those things :D



VERY THANKS !!!! i think !

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Whoa! You're certainly turning into a certified Krita monster! Can't wait to see you mimic a color pencil set such as Polychromos or Prisma. :D

woah woah ... idonno about that ! i'm just kinda trying things out XD we'll see how far i can go :D

Hey, did you know that you can rotate the drawing area by pressing shift and the spacebar, then dragging left or right with your pen? Then press 5 to go back to the default view. ;)

owowowoh!!?? i will try this out :D thank you !!

Shift middle click drag works too :)

so many secret techniques !!!!

LoL not so much secret technicles as keyboard shortcuts XD Another useful one leading on from tiger's original comment is resizing the brush by holding shift and dragging left or right. I actually have to experiment with my keyboard to find out what the modifier keys to use are as I've got most commonly used things on my wacom buttons and can't always remember what I put on there, just that it works XD

I think I already asked you if you found the right click palette, did you figure out how to add your favourite brushes to it yet? :)

uh not yet and that right click dial thing freaked me out !! XD;;;;;;;

also i dont draw with my other hand on the keyboard, so keyboard shortcuts are not my thing...

except to control Z



It's really useful! :D I mostly use it for my favourite brushes, the palette is probably also useful but with the way I do shading I have a lot of very similar colours and end up having to look at the colour wheel to see which black or white I have, so it's much easier for me to do a layer palette XD

Do you have buttons on your tablet? I set mine to be undo, redo and the modifiers (and have scripts as the button assignments change between programs) then you just use the buttons and don't need to go to the keyboard except if you have something that you still need but don't commonly use.

A complimentary sketch

beautiful your work

Eyes narrowed in concern, background details are really great! This is beautiful VS!

thank you fromie :D :D :D i am happies to hear this \o/

good story and good sketch! Love affairs are the beginining of every novel! I would add, transitions in life always starts with love affairs! morality is so boring.... : )

“Young men want to be faithful, and are not. Old men want to be faithless, and cannot"

Oscar Wilde.

in fiction, it works, i think

in real, dont do things unto others that you dont wanna get the bitter ends of yourself, i think is a good motto

it is like violence, i think

violence is cool in fiction

not so much in real


also, thanks !!

Ohhh she sits in an interesting angle, leaning forward with her arm, quite tense. I understand now from reading on the story why she poses that way. I wonder what's going to happen next XD.      
And yes, I have a question on how you draw... is it magic?    

Magic is just science you dont understand yet !!!

- Thor

Lol. Don't have affairs. Not getting married sounds like an easier solution. Were you drawing with the stump again?

well, either have open relationships or dont have affairs !!! but lying is hurtful~ am i rite????

and this was digital, choo :D

Pfft affairs, they happen when people think they want to try something new and adventurous and dangerous but at the same time want to cling to the old thing they've got in case the new thing doesn't work out, either agree to be poly or make a bloody decision people lol XD

There's definitely a sense of nervousness/unease going on leting the viewer know all is not quite right on what should otherwise be a really nice day for a picnic :D And yay for using all of the pencil brushes! What are you trying next, or will you find out like the rest of us XD

YAYAYAYAYA just go open relationships or be straight !!! lying is harmful~

and im thinking charcoal !!! :D :D

Is there a sorted view?

I only have this 6x6 or so pad with a scrollbar for all the pencils etc.

I am happy that I got used to pencils in my training with a differnt program, that sight just overwhelms me :D

sorted view? what do you mean?

if you're happy with what you're using at the moment, i think that sounds great :>

by sorted I mean for example only pencils, only oil brushes, only...

I can't say I am happy, I have not used it enough to judge ^^

aah yes ! there is ! sorted view :D

(i just found it now)


sorry im still so new at krita ..... . __ .;;;;

After I was the one asking you I would have been delighted if you not only tell me you have found it, but also how/where ;)

And I really hate that you can't change anything when you don't have a canvas open :(
And now I somehow have closed those areas and have to find out how to get them back. lol

Oh sorry! It is at the top of the Brush Toolbar, there is a drop down, and you can select "SKETCH" and it picks up all the pencils :D

Very relaxing drawing spidy ❤❤
I wonder how delicious the food is hehhehhehe! ^~^

apparently, according to the latest chapter, VERY delicious :D

Morale of the story: Beware of bears that want to steal your picnic food, haha XD

Great drawing and the story fits well! She shouldn't be upset. She's alone, so there's more food for her :D

hahahahahah that is such a good take away :D i love food, myself :D