Overwatch Speedpaint! - Zenyatta Shimada

in drawing •  2 years ago 


Hi steemit! The other day I found out the voice actor for Zenyatta (one of my favourite characters) also auditioned for a completely different role in the same game (Hanzo) and so I... Spent about 2 hours making a stupid joke! It was a fun 2 hours though, and pretty good practice for painting metal.Oh and I'm also trying out a new post layout where I put a thumbnail in the beggining so it shows up all pretty on steemit instead of cutting off my paintings :p
Anyways, here's the speedpaint (with a little suprise at the end).

And the two finished versions (one of them has a marker painted beard :p)


Hope you guys enjoyed it as much as I did! I'm currently doing sketch comissions on my ko-fi if anyone's interested!
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