Quickie Sketchy Updates!

in drawing •  2 years ago 

I have been working on a few more sketches as part of the art prompt challenge at zooly. I am enjoying doing these animal sketches. Hopefully after I have finished them I can compile them into a new colouring book for people to enjoy.

First up is this cute little Beaver:


Next we have a Raccoon Dog:


Followed by this really sweet Koala:


And finally for today, this very grumpy looking Gorilla!


Hope you enjoy looking at my sketches!

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I really like the art! And such a nice animals you choose :)

really nice..
wonderful sketches...
i loved them all.

Aw, thanks x

ur welcome :-)
btw, im hasan living in dubai.
I used to do sketch during my teenage years :-(
I can feel the 100% accuracy and flawlessness in your sketches ..
im really amazed.

Very nice sketches. will be following.

Many thanks!