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Hello dear Steemit art fans,

Today I would like to share with you this sunset at a haven. Sunset
is always difficult to draw as there are many different colors mixed
up and creating stunning gorgeous scene. We all love to watch and
enjoy those moments.

I love the photographs but I always try to imagine how the artist in
past did it. They had no cameras and they had only few minutes
time to catch that moment and to reflect them on their works.
That is why I am also trying to use every single moment and to try
to bring them on paper, canvas using my skills. I hope with time
I will get better, but for now I wish you enjoy my creation of this
peaceful beautiful moment.

Hope you like it, and have a nice day:-)

your @stef1

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Not bad at all! congrats!!! :D

So beautiful! :) Keep on the good work :)

What a beautiful drawing I am a dutchy so great to see you picked a Dutch haven thx for sharing and keep up the great work

Great art!
Whale Upvote from @dunsky

Thank you very much for your comment... @dunsky

Great art.... Great art. It relaxes anybody

Thank you very much for your comment.... @baruk :-)

Literally stunning, I keep finding more and more art posts on Steemit and the quality literally blows me away. To be fair, I'm easy to please because I can't even do a simple line drawing without it looking a complete mess - it just amazes me someone can create something of photo quality drawing like this. Love it, resteemed and followed.

your painting is awesome, congratulations!
i am artist too, if you can see my recent drawing would be great

That is beautiful, thanks for sharing. :)

many thanks … @firepower :-)

Beautiful! I am most impressed with how you did the reflection of the boat in the water. Superb.

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This drawing fills me with optimism and energy!

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that's a very good picture keep your art development going

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Good stuff, sunsets are some of my favorite subjects to paint as well. Cool post yo....🏜 I love the fluffy soft tones. Reminds me of rainbow icecream. yummm...