Know your child from his drawings

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The child sits to draw the lines of lines we can not understand

But on the contrary, every line drawn by him has a thousand meaning

The child often comes out of his feelings in his drawings

Some of the drawings show the character of the child

Some drawings show the child's feelings towards others and towards his parents

These drawings are science of science

Every father and mother must study it

So that they know feelings their children

They try to deal with all the bad feelings in their children

The aggressive child always appears  graphics of huge things

The patient child always finds him drawing from left to right

And that this child needs the love of his parents and attention to him

When the child is sad we will find sad faces expressing his feelings

But when a child paints drawings without faces, This means that others do not care about him

When a child paints people without a hand or a man it means that he does not know how to act and what to do

When you draw an eye it means that the child feels like an observer

When the child paints animals this means that he loves around him and  drawing of cars means the love of the child to travel

So we must study these things well  to know our children


Know your child from his drawings

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