Dtube Meet A Creator: The Founder of Dcooperation @clixmoney.

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Hello my fellow dtubeurs and welcome again to another episode from my drawing series Meet a creator.
For those who doesn't know what is Meet a creator and what is it purpose, Meet a creator a drawing series introduce to you a characters who's doing their best to make steem blockchain a better place by developing tools or platforms or even communities.

Then friends today we will meet a great creator, he is Algerian living in Russia we made a short conversation recently he is very humble and give his priceless time to deliver the ideas he have as well, he is quality content creator also, so ladies and gentlemen please welcome the founder of @dcooperation the kind @clixmoney.

What is @dcooperation:

Dcooperation is a community created from steemian to the dtubeurs and the steemians, it gives them the opportunity to collaborate, the purpose of this project is to lead the other steemians to the right path and help them to be a useful part on steem blockchain instead of let them swimming alone in this big ocean. They collaborating in form of videos or another forms you can handle both.

Then guys if you have any quastion related to @dcooperation community or if you want to collaborate with it feel free to write it on the comments section @clixmoney will answer all your quastion and welcoming your collaboration.

Drawing Information
Duration: 9 hours

First laye: 2 hours
Second layer: 3 hours
Final layer: 1 houf and half
Video editing: 2 hours and half
Type: Charcoal art.
Style: Epic
Smilitary: 91%

The Final Result

Thank you for watching this video and give it your priceless time if you like what i do feel free to Upvote Resteem and Follow for more great videos, and i accept donations to support my artistic works my drawing series needs your support more than anytime.


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Wow talk about spot on! I love how cheeky he looks in black and white 😅

9 hours huh.... dang!

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Yeah haha he looks so epic, these drawings toke me ages 😥

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Such a great way of showing your support while doing something you obviously love!

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Wow what a great art! Just only 2 hours. Yes, great described though he deserved more for her great contribution in the community.

After connect with him I got a lot of support and he always ready to support others with happily.

Thanks for nice scratch.

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Yes he is kind and humble and help who needs help thank you for stopping by.

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Thanks a lot for the drawing. It's really awesome. ☺


Pleasure mate you desreve the best and glad to meet you.

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Oh man this was another great piece of a drawing!

9 hours for the whole drawing and the video cutting is pretty good time in my opinion :)

Thanks for sharing the process behind this and post this #awesomediycontent my friend!

You are rocking the blockchain!


P.S. if you would use the tag "artzone" in your post - you can receive a wider audience from the art community mate :)


Thank you for this kind comment i really appreciate it my friend

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Wow! I love the creativity!


Thank you dear i really appreciate these kind words.

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Welcome clixmoney, keep posting quality contents.

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Your videos is always good.I like your all video


Oh thanks a lot happy to hear that from you mate

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