Prince of Ravens

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After my attempt at drawing a shoujo princess, I am inspired to draw a prince for her. In shoujo mangas, I notice how different the men and women are, the women are usually drawn very petite with rather chubby faces and BIG, elaborate hairstyle, while the men are tall and slender, they are very lanky in proportion.

Anyway here he is, the prince of ravens :).

Prince of Ravens
big version

Copyright @scrawly - All Rights Reserved

Squiggly Line

Drawing process, step by step


First I drew the face.
Prince of Ravens


Men in shoujo often have hair like these, very wavy and they go all over.
Prince of Ravens


He has tall and slender built, and since he is a prince, I give him princely attire.

Prince of Ravens


I drew a background of a high castle and the night full of ravens.

Prince of Ravens

Cross Hatch

I put some details to the character, giving him more definition.

Prince of Ravens

Dash Line

Finished Art – Prince of Ravens

Prince of Ravens
big version

Copyright @scrawly - All Rights Reserved

Dash Line

Animation step by step

Prince of Ravens

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Ooh, what a stylish prince of ravens! I really like his robe~ though makes me wonder if he's hiding his own raven wings under them hmmm


A prince of ravens must be allowed to have some secrets eh? XD

Thank you thilah-chan <3.

Huhuhuhu hu hu... i loves~

The dark and strange vibes~

So mysterious and imbued with untold, and unusual, powers ! The Prince of Ravens!!!.... kind of reminds of the Raven King from that series, Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell... which was a fantastic show * ___ *

The stance and regal expression also reminds me of a certain White Hawk... behehehehe....

I love it, scrawls~

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Hehehe you have good taste, spideroo :D.

Thank you :).

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hey, do you know I recently did an artwork on Army of Ravens....but i loved this one better than mine- it has a mysterious appeal and also loves the detailing here..especially the ravens flying in a particular movement ..


I just checked your Army of Ravens art, and I like it :D.
Thank you very much for your kind comment, I appreciate it a lot ^_^.

Another oustanding work from you.



Thank you.

very nice!


Thanks :).

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Oh that description helped, I think I have seen/read some of those styles as I remember noticing the massive hairdos on the girls and the comparative lankiness of the boys and generally wondering how the hair stays so perfect regardless of what they're doing XD

Go the feather cloak! And I like how you outlined the moon in the background, and did the jagged lines for the background shading.


Yes, anime hair must stay perfect whatever happens, this is something that both anime and action movies have in common XD.

Thank you for your comment, ryry, I always like reading them :).

What a pretty boi with pretty birbs ´3`)d
Posing up with the ravens as well heueheueheh


Hehehhe drawing pretty people posing is my favourite theme, you know ;)    
Thank you Maya <3.        

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