Very cool! .. very classical looking, almost Mucha like :D love it!

Definitely channeling the Mucha here :D.
Thank you Rogier ^_^.

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Aaaaaaa BEAUTIFUL scrawlyyyyyy

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Thank you zpzn-chan :D.

I love the flow of this picture///no definitely intentional pun

Gwehehehe, your comment brings a smile to my face.
Thank you thilah-chan =D.

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Thank you.

You make it look so easy! It is very nice.

Some drawings are easier than others. But I am actually struggling with most of them, it is just not apparent in the finished result.
Thank you xcountytravelers :).

oh wow scrawly, she's beautiful ! such classy ! much elegant ! wow ! amaze <3 I love her !!!!

I love her permed hair and that pose so much * ___ * the lean on her hips and how her torso shifted weight to balance the water jug at her waist is crazily nicely done omg * ___ * love it !!!

the dress is simple but very goddess like, also <3

and the flowing water's shape is so wonderful * ___ * and well arranged against the tall grass as its counterpart, also well placed, as one is in front of the character and one is behind her, which creates good equilibrium in the subconscious mind :) And the moon just hangs in the middle, like a great scale ! to complete the arrangement <3 <3 <3

really lovely composition, scrawls * ___ *

And my favourite part is her expression * ___ * Her face is so regal and brings a lofty composure !!! <3 <3 <3


Good luck for the contest also !!!!!!! * ___ *

Love this one so much <3

Hehe you are too kind with your comment, spider. I didn't actually plan this one elaborately, so I was pleasantly surprised when the components that I introduced to the picture just clicked nicely together.
Thank youuuu so much and good luck too with the contest. I think you are going to rock!!! <3

You are creating some fantastic pieces.

Thank you for your kind praise, shaidon :).

I can feel the Mucha vibes on this one - beautiful execution of the art nouveau style! Her hair is stunning, really great job on the vintage style, and so beautifully shaded.

Thank you Megan for the lovely comment you gave me <3.

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