Sundance in Shroomland (collaboration)

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Sundance in Shroomland

I recently finished another collaboration. I delayed it for too long but finally pushed myself to finish it. The reason I kept delaying it was because I didn't like how my part was going and it didn't feel right (stupid perfectionism). But it kept looking at me begging to be released. Eventually I took the time to get it finished.

I did the Exquisite Corpse with Katie Suponch alias ChaosKatie on Deviantart from the United States.

She started the bottom half and covered it with only a small strip to see. I received it in 2015 and started right after that. No idea how many hours I did put into it but most be a lot.

Below is an image when I almost finished it but still have her part covered.


Here is the final result:

Sundance in Shroomland (2015-2018)

After scanning I stitched the parts together as it didn't fit my scanner in 1 take. I also took some photos with my canon up close:






Other collaborations

Last year she finished the EC I did send to her. Already posted that but I will show it again:


Finished in 2017 called "Open House Frunzey" I started to bottom half and send it to Katie to finish the top.

A few other examples of collaborations done (with other artists) Exquisite Corpse style I posted here:





Hope you like the result?


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The one with the gorrilas in particular was an exquisite example of making two completely different styles work really wel together. The shroomies look like they're having a good time XD


Thank you that one was really challenging as I could see from the small strip it was a gorilla and I couldn't draw animals :) I remember being proud of the horse I drew because I did it from my imagination in one try and it looked somehow like a horse :D

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Thank you so much you made my day! :)

@sanderjansenart Adorable your collaborations with big eyes. I love how your images look in black and white. Great talent and fascinating as you seek that your work is excellent. Well done every character in your drawing. I like the amazing and expressive faces of your characters. Congratulations on your other collaborations are great. You have images of amazing animals. A big greeting.


Thank you very much for all the kind words @yenisfer! :)

Amazing, as always, Sander ! Your exquisite corpses pieces are always so interesting and wonderful to look at :) Specially since you have such a unique style that brings a completely different dynamic to a canvas !!! :D

Congrats on curie, as well <3


Thank you very much @veryspider!

I'm really happy it got a curie :D

Thats what i call a good rave :-) Looks like the mushrooms had taken to much shrooms and are now in partymode :-)

I dont think they need more color, your picture is excellent in black and white! Fantastic and unique also.

So please dont stop the party ;-) and keep on with drawing @sanderjansenart ! Greetings from Germany ✌


Hahaha cannibal shrooms tripping their faces of :D

Thank you very much I'm happy people can deal with all the weirdness :)

greetings from the Netherlands!

Some kinda underworld Sander? Lol!
What if you put some color or you color it fully? Let's see the outcome.
But you've done it very good!

Its a good start for November, a Halloween month!
Good work buddy :)


Thank you very much! Nah no colors it will ruin the pencil work and strong on itself without the color :)


Oh I see. Water color would be good for colored painting right?

impressive work, you have a very good imagination for your images that art you have for this generation is very beautiful that you share it I hope you continue publishing more of your images faith with faith @sanderjansenart


Thank you very much for your kind words!

A great collaboration between two talented artists :D. I really like seeing how different each artist's style that you have worked together with, yet somehow you always manage to bring the picture into a harmonious union.        
It is grand that this picture took three years to complete, it must feel like a great accomplishment when you have finished working on the very last details :D.          
Congratulations on your second curie vote, Sander :D.      


Thank you so much @scrawly!

Yeah I didn't like my part so instead of finishing it I kept delaying it. Glad I could look at it differently after a year and took the step finsihing it so I could go on :) I have another collaboration that someone else is finishing and I think send it 4 years ago :o

Thank you so much for the support!

A very nice art with great imagination. I really like the details in each and every character even if its very tiny.


Thank you very much! :)

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Hello beautiful work. It is interesting to see the differents style of drawing with the collaboration of 2 artists.


Thank you very much! :)

You have a unique form of whimsy. I dig this kind of style for the weirdness it entails. There's no need for color imo, it's good as it is and adding colors are just a bonus. There's an emotion to being gray anyway and your images somehow depict a distinct feel just by being gray as it is.


Thank you very much! Glad you dig my style :)

This is amazing @sanderjansenart I'd love to get in on these collabs. I just saw @veryspider and @scrawly it was amazing.


Thank you @donnadavisart! You really should try out collaborating it's fun and you can learn from it :)

An impressive work, it is not easy to collaborate art between two artist. The second artist need to creative enough to finish whatever the first artist start. and you did it very well and I like it very much.

Hope you like the result?

Yes, I like all the drawings you shown in this article, it very creative and I enjoy it. It was nicely done. Thank you for sharing.


Thank you very much for the compliment! Glad you like the results :D

An amazing collaboration between two amazing artists! No one would have taught that these were drawn by two different people, you guys are just talented. You work complimented each other's. The ones with other artists are amazing as well!

Your work is so detailed, definitely why it took you three long years to complete it. I love it!!


Thank you very much! It was really fun working with her and she does an amazing job :)

Yes I went a bit far but I shouldn't have delayed it for so long...


Yeah, she does! Well, with so much details and work you have put into this, the delay could be pardoned. Lol!

howdy from Texas sanderjansenart! wow ya'll are doing such great artwork together! I have no idea how you have the patience to be able to do such detailed drawings but for me that's what I find so interesting because I can stare at these and study them for hours! ..finding new little details and images of different things all the time so great job!

Do you guys have other projects lined up to do together?


Hi @janton! Thank you very much. Well it isn't always easy to keep the patience and sort of trained discipline too :) I have to work easier artowrks to keep sane lol.

I haven't any collaborations with her running but a few collaborations with other artists. I send something more than 4 years ago to someone and still waiting on the result :D

You should check out this gallery it's an eye feast. It's a group I'm part of and there are many amazing exquisite corpses done by great artists :)

That's pretty wild each finishing half the piece. LOL, did someone "accidentally" nibble on some of the mushrooms from the first piece while they were drawing theses.....
Seriously though, those are all pretty intense pieces with tons of detail poured into every one of them. Congrats on that curie vote too, it was well deserved.

As always, very impressive artwork @sanderjansenart. I love how there is always so much going on in your drawings. The details never seem to be ending lol. Lovely to see that you are collaborating with other artists too, and I'm looking forward to team up with you for that contest! Have a great weekend!

Hi @sanderjansenart,

Always love your unique brand of art! It is amazing to see two artists come together on one piece like this. Really liked how you didn't even get to see the other half of it until after you were done.

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Wow thank you for the kind words and for nominating I'm honored ! :D