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Good day STEEMIANS! Today I am gonna show to you my simple drawing. As easy as I can.

MATERIALS: 2pcs. of Bond papers, Pencil and Ballpen
SUBJECT: My profile picture

So lets start,

1st step
First, I drew a circle for the whole face and a right foot.

2nd step
Second, the left foot, and now there are two feet

3rd step
Third, I drew the left and right hand

4th step
Fourth, I drew the two eyes together with a curve line connected into the eyes.

5th step
Fifth, I drew a mouth inside to the face.

6th step and Hightlights using Ballpen
Highlighting part of my drawing.


Thats all guys, I know it's not how beautiful I did, but I just got it pretty simple, I hope you like my drawing though it's just simple. Next time, I'll take another drawing, as long as I can show my talent at the time of drawing.

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Thanks again for visiting my simple blog. Thanks for the little time. Cheers!

Best regards,


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It's beautiful, because the result is the sum of your effort to get out of the box, to contribute something that is only yours. Congratulations.

Thanks for the appreciaton. Maybe next time I'll take my another drawing. 🙌