Artwork from the weekend #1

in drawing •  2 years ago 

Hello Steemit, Happy Monday!

I hope your weekend was as relaxing as mine. I enjoyed the last hot days of the season burning fall candles, sipping coffee, and opening the windows. Here are some artworks in progress: one is a prisma color drawing of my two furballs, Merry & Pippin, and the other is of some digital art for another pinup!

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One kitty complete!♥


A look at the process of pencils to inks.


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I did indeed have a relaxing weekend thank you for asking @missaudi I love the fur on the furry ones it would be cool to render two cats like that and paint just the negative space on one would work well with a white cat 🐈 best I suppose. I gave some #artcycling art away this weekend and invited a few more artists friends to come join the steem train 🚂 also just created the 300 followers milestone. I am so happy to connect with artists like you. Thank you for sharing your work in progress

That's great, I'm glad! oo, that would be a really cool idea, you're right, I think it would work best with a white cat. Congrats!!! I'm glad to connect with you as well, I look forward to seeing more of your posts!

good work!! ;)

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The one with cats is absolutely amazing! You have an amazing talent! :)

Thank you so much!^^

cute cats :)


Thank you! :)