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in drawing •  2 years ago 

Donnie the Dolphin: My house is underwater.

Minnow: Of course it's underwater, we're in the ocean!

Thanks for the up-vote, @ubg! During the mortgage crisis of 2008, whenever I heard someone talk about homes being underwater, this is what I thought of.


This is my entry for Mr. Jake Parker's Inktober Initiative. Mr. Parker has challenged artists to draw an ink drawing every day in October and post it on-line. Every day has a theme and today's prompt is underwater. This is perfect for a cartoon about minnows, dolphins, and whales!

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Have another one!

That's funny! My wife used to be a broker at Bank of America corporate... left right before everything went underwater.

Thanks! Looks like your wife bailed at the right moment.

Loads of information. Thanks. Love it. @minnowforlife Followed