pencil crayon drawing, "As the Deer"

in #drawing4 years ago

I can barely find time to do much else but breast feed these days. I wouldn't trade it for the posts are done while I have a free hand and have a chance. I will look back on these days and treasure the time I have shared with my little boy. He gets bigger everyday and will not need me forever. I have never felt so needed, as I do now <3 I am so thankful!
Drawings 005.jpg


Upvoted! Keep doing it! Its beautiful!

Thanks! I had to take a step back after my son was born in July but I am back!

Love your work. <3

This is simply beautiful. This post is WAAAY too undervalued! Hope some whales come by soon.

Keep the them coming @michelleart !

I hope so too! Thank you so much. I will keep them coming. Forgive my absence..I have a 3 month old baby and am only now finding anytime for much else.

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