"Trying" to make a storytime video

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Hewwo everyone, what a messy week huh? LOL.

Hope everyone is alright and won't be panicking right now.

I haven't finished anything new yeeet because I was making a video about some story time.

The script is "done" but I always change it 100 times when I say it's "done" so I don't even know.

I am praying that I don't need to redo some drawings because I keep trying to make my videos perfect but it ends up being a fail LOL.

Here's some screenshots I guess?

By the way I haven't turn it into an actual vidoe those are just the sprites.

It's not going to be animated but more of an "animatic" storytime. Though I'm not sure what to call it either, but at the same time I don't really care anymore with names.

Here's some backgrounds I don't knoooow.

I am having this problem with the Red character, because she is supposed to be more grumpy and petty about things (yes I know it's me but it's like more of an exaggeration of it) so I don't really know how much I could stretch out with the grumpy and how angry she is.

Is screaming about your past and being pissed at people considered likeable? And say some offensive things too even though they don't mean it?

The red person would get some karma though.

While the blue one I'm trying to make her not so bubbly and positive to the point that she's super annoying to the audience.

Aghh writing is so difficult and animating. I only made the introduction of them on of the video by the way, I drew like.. 50 pictures? XD this is gonna be a problem

And yah some wips and sketches here and there.

(This is a collab, I didn't do the lineart, I'm doing the coloring and shading)

And thats all, I should just post my old art LOL.


This looks interesting. I will be waiting for the final result. Great work so far, Maya!

Okeeyy I will thanks!

You are doing great, Maya! I have always had a lot of respect for people who try their hands in animation because I know it is a lot of work.
As for your character, is it important for the viewers to like her? If it is, then maybe tone down her attitude, but that might take a bit of fun from the story because a story always needs exciting stuff in it. I'm sure whichever way you decide, it's going to be entertaining though ^_^.              
Good luck!                        

She needs to be likeable because it is technically "me" but more of an exagerration of a certain part of "me" XD does that make sense?

Plus she is going to be stuck with the viewers for a long time because she's a main character since yknow.. Its a storytime about them. So I guess they have to balance each other off I just don't want to annoy the audience.

good work, i will be waiting for the video!

Thaaanks I'll try to make sure it is good :D

Good luck in finishing the vid Maya! You can do it!
And hey hey I'm sure the video will turn out amazingly, you shouldn't keep re-doing it or else you might never finish it take it from someone who does the same and ends up having to drop projects because of it sweats
And ooh is that some peeparooni I see~?

Ahhhhh thanks thilah senpai =3= I'll make sure I won't keep making this video for like.. A year XD


Don't worry we all suffer together making projects

Well if you're going to extremes with the characterisation the two should offset each other enough that the audience won't find either annoying even if they find one or both annoying on their own XD

Good luck with the animatic :D If you ever want someone to suffer with talk to my sister I think she's ploughing her way through one at the moment as well ;D

Hahaah thanks ryi ryii. My goal is like both of them are understandable atleast but they each have their own flaws. With Red Maya's pettiness and Blue Maya's naivity XD but I dunno I hope I'm not messing it up

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i think you conveyed their characteristics quite well, @maya525 :D

the red looks a bit grumpy and not friendly and the blue one is cheerful and nice <3

you always draw such lovely and expressive drawings, really !!!!!!!!!!!!

Wow, oh, uhm?
(sorry, sleepy from lunch)
Well, that's a lot you've done! xD

Oh darn! I was looking forward to a little video from you! :P

And yeah!
Scripts. They always need changing. Like diapers, I guess? And especially more so, the larger your baby (I mean, project) is!

Do show us your vid... uhm, your finished product when you're sufficiently satisfied! :P

Dont worry I'm still making the video.. Maybe I'll give yall a preview of it which is the intro XD