Thankyou all a.k.a my birbday (original art + process)

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Hewwo everyone, today I'd like to thankyou all.

For dealing with my BS, especially my close friends. I am not good with emotions or understand it well? I dunno I just hide it all until I have to burst it all like a bubble RIP me


It was my birthday, and uhh kinda late for that can't believe I'm late for my own birthday

I wanna say thankss for you fricc fraccs for just following me, almost 300 followers even though maybe some of them are bots who never does anything.. ;-;

But yah for the ones who are not thANKYOU, and even if you are bots but still upvote my stuff (still thankyou appreciate it arigato lel)

And for my friends for dealing with my angsty teen BS lmao, @turtledancedaily @thilah @diamondshine107 (shes at steemit but never posts smh) @lazy_erri (hes at insta ) @kyeterna (at insta too)

I cri, lmao thanks ❤ urgwhzehs emotions I hate it cri.


I keep forgetting to add this but I drew this with my fingers
Time: 3 hours 33 minutes

Anyways here are some progress shots for you and your soul.

Fiiiirst I started with the sketch as always, I was like at my friends house while making this, it was weird but eh its relaxing ya know.

Then I do the lineart (duh) its obvious enough that its just the normal way I do this type of stuff, only I color the lineart too right now, so there is that.

I colored it in with yknow stuff, I actually kind of needed to like whats it called again? Change the color? I guess? Adding some effects like light saturation etc.

Then adding some blending layers such as

Added my chibi friends, turtle is not a chibi because hes a furry no im kidding ofcourse pfshj



Hurray I did it :') thankyou my friends for being with me and my stupid bullshoot this is a minecraft server shsushh

I wanna write how I feel but eh, I hate feelings, Its not that I like you or anything you BAKA.


Thank YOU for being my friend and putting up with my bs cries

Also you're right turtle isn't a furry...he's a scalie///NOOO

NO, THANKYOU FOR BEING MY FRIEND AND PUTTING UP WITH MY BS fppeahsh dies don't cry btw ***dies again****

And thanks for liking this heueheye (also yes turtle is deff a scalie #turtleexposed?!!?!?

Hi there, Maya! I am glad to see you are enjoying SteemIt.

Keep up with the awesomeness, I mean, posting your lovely artworks!

TEE HEE you too trin! I hope you're enjoying as I do and my friends hehehe :)

happy birthday then and to more awesome days!!

Awww it's such a cute drawing about you and your chibi friends, Maya :D.
I like that each of your friend is drawn with such details so I can see their personalities and attributes... except turtledancedaily is just a turtle XD.

Sorry for the late reply and yessss I'm glad you like the drawing and yess turtle is a very wise ol' turtle, always listen to that scalie- I mean reptile-

Seriously I'm glad you enjoyed it ^^ thankyou so much aaaa

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Belated Birbday to you @maya525! :)

Thankyoy justynzzz!!!

Hi maya525!

I am (currently @quekery) a curator for AkibaSteem and this is just to let you know that I upvoted your post:

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Also, feel free to join our community on Discord!

Now if only I was half the artist as skilled as you with digital art, that'd be great. Happy Birthday (belated) @maya525

Thankyou !!! And its okay you can always practice and look up tutorials!! :)

Adorable :D !
Thankyou for sharing the process!

Thanks! And you're welcome!

Adorable <3 HAPPY BIRTHDAY AGAIN, maya-chan ! You are so cute and talented and I am wishing you a great year ahead <3 <3 <3

Aaaaa spiddyyy thankyou very much for your encouragementt