TARGET SIGHTED! (hataraku saibou fanart+process)

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Why hello everyone, it's very rude of you not saying hi entering this place.. Just kidding :0

Today I have watched hatarakou saibou with my brother for the second time and I looooooooooveedddd it, not only that its kind of educational. But it also has really likeable characters to the point that I ship my own blood cells when will Red blood cell and white blood cell date

They're so cute together.

And also yesterday was my moms birthday so I decided to make 2 gifts and one of them is a drawing of white blood cell, and the other is.. Well an another thing for an another day. ;)

I really wanna review the series like.. An anime review. Maybe it'll be a one time thing or whatever, I am not a reviewer but I would love to talk about the anime for hours or whatever.

I'm still making that story time video. Unfortunately premiere CRASHEDDDDD AAAAAAA and not only that i was tryinna start to make a video for.. Something sshhhhh thilah dont tell them heueheu dont worry this is just a random thing ignore the crossed out part but yeah premiere is kinda being an ass aaaa ;-;

Anywayssss back onto the drawing, I actually didn't draw it from scratch, that is actually kind of.. Me?

Because when I woke up with my weird hair and then I look to the mirror and I was like "huh.. My hair looks like white blood cell's hair" so then I tried to prove to everyone that I look like WBC from the cells at work anime. I cleaned my hair up and now we are here.

So I guess this is a half assed face reveal or whatever but I dunno, I could never take this back since when it's on the block chain, welp its here for good RIP, so yah, I guess technically a face reveal but not really? Ofcourse I edited parts of the face so now its not a face reveal right?

O well I dunno if you guys would even notice.


So I started with my face and I used the magic wand tool to pick up my hair,and color it all to pure white, well not "pure white 100%" but more as yknow white in my eyes.

And one by one I did the hair then the clothes (by the way I was wearing like a dress kind of challenging to changed that into a suit) and I forgot that he had gloves so the hands are kind of out of place for me but I think I managed to fix it later.

I removed the background and tried to make White Blood Cell the focus of the picture, and also I detailed the hair adding some lighting tricks.. As in


I am not a professional as you can see..

Then I added the blood, or at least in my case it's dried blood.

Then to make him pop out even more I gotta add a back light, it's to make him look a lot more bad ass in my humble opinion. I also tried to fix the hat.

I made the eyes a tinsy bigger though.. You won't know how big my eyes are heueheu. By the way I accidentally made the piece look like that, I thought I'd make it more orangey mood vibe, and then I pressed "negative" and I looked at it and I was like.. Damn that looks cool.

So finally then... It's..


I used a bunch of effects and blending layers to make it finished with metal texture or whatever I could find to make it super cool.

And thats it all for today folks! Sorry again I havent made much progress with my steemit account aaaaa I feel super guilty.


Hi hello, Maya!
Amazing work, as always! 😃

Hi hello! Trin thankyou very much for your kind words as always aaaaa ❤❤❤

Hi maya55!

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Thanksssss dude

He looks like a cool guy, whoever this guy is :D.
And why did you hide his face when you made the drawing, Maya? ^^

N-nani hiding the face?.. it's not that I'm shy revealing my face or anything.. BAKA. Pffpfprps not really I just don't like to show real my face XD

As for the guy it's from an anime called Hatarakou saibou! I love the anime but its probably because it helps me with biology (and I suck at it okay I hated biology and I still do but this anime just helps me to stay awake at school)

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Very nice drawing :) I like the colours and the pose is really cool, too <3

Aaaaaa spidyyyy hello again thankyou so much spidy as always ×3×

Oh sheits! o.O
Wow, so good, by your standards (as perceived by me)! :O :O :O
Great one!

Thankyou sooo much recon!!! ❤❤❤❤

Damn white blood cell Maya looking badass and out to slay dem bacteria and viruses

And happy belated bday to your mom!!!

Aaaaaa thanks thilah ❤❤ wbc is badass af 😫 rbc would find it 10/10 hot af.

And I'll say that to my mother hueheh thankies thilah senpai.. Or father? 0_o

Father senpai Thilah yes///NOOOO

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oh he is great :)))

Thankss ^^