Sushi Time! (original art)

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What's up guys, Maya here back with an another uh... Thing..

Its a simple thing with food! I mean who doesn't like food? Especially sushiii X_X I want moreee.

I drew this when I was with my mom and there was a free sushi while we wait in line for free sushi because I wanted sushi and the sushi was very expensive aaghhh.

So I got a menu of the sushi and it looked so nice I wanna try some of them out when I actually am rich someday XD yayaayayya. (Making this post makes me crave for more sushi aaaaaaa whyy)

Anyways heres some process.

1.) Sketching and refferencing the sushi (from a picture)

2.) Adding shading and details (also trying to make the colors blend in the bg because its purple so I tried to make it red-ish blue tone.

3.) I added an another type of sushi, basically use blending layer add for the lighting.

4.) repeat it over and over and over and over again with all types of sushi.

5.) and I added an another sushi because I find it delicous.. I want one AAAAA UMU.

Also me and @turtledancedaily was arguing about the name of the Hana sushi XD when I sent this to him but I literally named it after the menu I saw. Rip I'm not weeb enough to know my sushi ya fricc.


  1. Finally I added BNP (black and peep) and reflection..

Also if that thing next to "Finally" that was supposed to be number 6. But Idk why it's number one but okee.

Also Sorry this isn't a big thing or like some kind of master piece or anything XD working on like 2 animatics and a comic maybe aaaaaa why do I stack up my ideas and procrastinate on it X_X

And thats all for today folks see ya!

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Sushi!! Looks delicious :)

Oh heya I didn't expect ya to be here LOL thanks mdude

wheres your vote?
Unbelievable, the Promosteem head, visiting my blog, commenting and I gain no vote....

LOL you funny turtle xd

I think you already drew this a month ago

Ill vote this tommorow, for higher vote, my vote is in cooldown

Yeah it is from a month ago LOL I just forgot to post it on steemit alot

Sushi is Great. Sushi is awesome. Sushi. Суши!!!
Simple and beautiful work. Well done, Maya.

Also if that thing next to "Finally" that was supposed to be number 6. But Idk why it's number one but okee.

That happened because you inserted a title after #5. That resets the count. Back to one it goes!

Ohhhhh xD I see I see I didnt know that! Thanks for explaining!

omg maya-chan you are making me crave sushi XD gorgeous colours and i love how you do the lighting, it's very lovely and glossy <3

Thankyou spidy senpaiii 😩❤👌I'm glad you enjoyed my sushi.. Again.. DONT STARVE TO DEATH AAA

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Aaaahhh I love sushi <3. Your picture makes me hungry, which means it's doing what it's supposed to do, right?!! Well done rendering each of them deliciously, Maya-san.  
Mmmm sushi :D~~~.                  

Yeah thays what it supposed to do I think.. Just don't starve to death!!! D: thankyou so much scrawly senpaii

If it's any consolation I barely know the names of sushi too. Basically if I see salmon I'll eat it XP

Your little drawings are so cute, and chucking the character in the background is a nice touch :)

TRUEE salmon looks AND smells so good ;-;-;-; I want moooooreeeee uwaaa and thanks ryi! :D