Ghost Life: Episode 1 (original COMIC)

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Hana is a miserable ghost who has been roaming around the earth for years, now she is forced to deal with humans BS, as she is attached to her real house.

This comic is not finished and kind of on a hiatus status. I have episode 2 of it so maybe I'll upload it. ;P

This has been my first comic, I wasn't good at any of this really. I just.. Winged it I guess?

I do want to continue it though. I like Hana and Soul. I like the designs and concept of it. I just don't have the motivation, I guess? Or is it an another case of "Artist block" though I don't even know that exist. It's weird.

So here are some backgrounds without the text at all.

I'm really proud of the backgrounds I did! Hopefully my friends will continue on making comics :)

You can find the story in webtoons:

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Excellent work, Maya. A few tiny grammatical errors here and there but that doesn't take anything away from your beautiful drawings.

I hope to see more from this story. Keep up with the good work! 🙌

Thankyou! And yeah I forgot about that ;P
Thank you so much for that trin :3

not bad..... not bad! i like your sense of humor

Your comic is really easy to read, and I can see that you worked hard on all the panels. But making comic is really a lot of hard work, so I understand if you lose motivation to do it. I hope you will show us the next episode though,and maybe continue it if you get motivation in the future ^_^.

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Ok I gotta say this is fucking sweet!!! And you still make all of this in your phone????

Yep all of it ob my phone ;P

:O!!!! again, I can't imagine what you can do with an actual drawing tablet

Yayayayayayya i should try to borrow a tablet hahah

Do you know someone who has it?

Oh I wanna know what happens next !!! :D

I like the characters and I like mayachan's colours <3 <3 <3

LoL good start XD Soul is freaking adorable!

Are they out in the middle of bfn for a car noise at that time of night to be weird?

Thankyou ryiii ryii!!! I dont rrally know what bfn means?

Superb. Really looking forward to the next one. Lot of dark space. Guess it would be better in Steemit night mode.

Maya with the magical touch😁😁 loving it.

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