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Hello Steemians!

I was thinking the other day about people i follow in here. I must admit that there is one person that makes me smile when i watch her videos and blog. And that's @heiditravels :)

I am an active crypto investor for about 3 years now and i really like the way you simplify crypto to the general public. The way you explain things bring more people into what is called cryptocurrency :)

Last but not least, you make this place prettier everyday :)

So i decided to drawing a charcoal portrait of you, and took a profile photo you are using as a model for that.

It started all with outlining everything :


Then slowly starting to build up contour, especially in the upper face/hair :


I start to fill in with shades, but nothing is near to final at this point. It just gives you an idea for everything to follow:



Now it is taking a better shape isn't it :P
Working on the background and touching up many areas for correction, adding/removing shades etc... :


After considerable time, i can say i'm happy with the outcome, here is the final result :) ( I added the Steemit logo as a signature on the bottom right :) )


I really you will like it @heiditravels :) If you were impressed, feel free to resteem this on your profile and will be happy to have you as a follower too :)

Keep the good work and keep shiny on Steemit :)

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Wow I'm very impressed and so flattered! Thank you so much for taking the time to create this piece of art :) Upvoted and resteemed so others can discover you.


You like like anna koernikova on this.. wow...


Thank you! I'm so happy you like it :) It is always very pleasing to drawing something beautiful. You rock!

Wow, the artwork is perfect. You did a great job by drawing a woman who has impacted positively on many people in this wonderful community. Congregation ma, for this show of love you got from a passionate follower. Great job I must say.


thank you for your kind words! more to come! :)


Your welcome,please duo make out time to visit my blog to read my new recent article, i will also be posting something later in the day.

Amazing good job!


Beautiful portrait! Love it! @makisantypas and @heiditravels

wow this is amazing and beautiful! you got some real talent


thank you!

Great work I have always admired people that can do what you do. Thank you for sharing!

This is a beautiful drawing of @heiditravels I love her content and she is gorgeous :)!

You sure have some talent @makisantypas! I would sure be interested in seeing your other work! Do you do commissions?


thank you for your kind words :) Yes i've done commissions .


Awesome! I look forward to seeing more of your stuff.

It is art, but beautiful art ! The one you did draw is beautiful ! So a good combination

This quite an amazing art! good job!

How nice !

That is an amazing picture of @heiditravels well done. It looks JUST like her. She makes amazing videos, I was a follower of hers from you tube before I even came to steemit. Well done, you have some awesome talents!

thats really beautiful ... full upvote and you've gain a follower @makisantypas


much appreciated! thank you!

Wow!!! Incredible drawing.

Love the Draw

Wow, such a beautiful drawing!
Also, am I the only one amazed that the entire page is used? I see no blank space! Seriously, well done!


thank you :)

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Pretty Artwork! I like black&white Art.

Wow !! this is awesome drawing !!
So i will learn good drawings skills from you..!! followed and upvoted you !!
I do drawings please have look on it @prashanthak
waiting for more drawings from you !!


Thank you! I will check your profile and have a look! Will post more soon! So stay tuned :)

Wow! Beautiful drawing and so nice to see your process!


Thanks! Will be posting more soon!

Damn good :) How could it be that mesmerizing? Simply breathtaking


Thanks for your kind words @hmjunaid. More to come! Stay tuned

Perfect drawing


Thank you :)

Extremely awesome.

& one more thing you are so sweet.