Ink sketches: my new species creation!!

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Known as Chiblikis (chee-blee-kees), this sentient alien race has the capacity to morph into any form they want. Living on planets inhospitable for most life in the milky way galaxy, they survive solely off the gamma radiation of nearby stars. Even though they typically reside in the Witch Head Nebula region, they have the capacity to temporarily live in other regions of the Milky Way, such as earth.

They typically stay in their natural forms, as shape shifting takes a considerable amount of energy.

Chibliki was an name given to them, which means jester or joker. They are known to visit other star systems and races, showing off their abilities, often making humorous appearances, sometimes mimicking the species of the planet they are they're visiting. Being a product of the Milky Way galaxy, they have an innate capacity to know everything about it including all life forms residing in it.



Having mastery over their physical nature, means they can travel vast distances in seconds by dematerializing to a point of becoming weightless, while also focusing on projecting themselves to their destination.


They are essentially immortal. However once they get to a certain age-say a few million years old-some choose to permanently dematerialize, essentially erasing their physical existence and possibly continuing their journey as something entirely different in their next life (who knows).

Some decide to live on in unique ways. For instance there are certain groups that decide to merge their bodies, becoming a larger and more powerful entity, having the capacity to travel beyond this galaxy or even to higher dimensions of existence.


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