Introduction To My Free 6-week Drawing Course

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I have been paid $250 per person for the “live” version of this. I’m giving it to Steemit for free.*

Drawing is more about seeing than any skill of hand. More specifically, it is about seeing things in a way that your brain can translate to an external picture. Seeing a 3D world in 2D is a skill, not a talent, and I can prove it to you.

Many drawing lessons are based around formulas. How-to-Draw this, or How-To-Draw that...but I will be teaching you how to draw everything, because I will be teaching you how to see.

Here is an example from my student Liz. The following before and after examples were after only a few lessons.
drawing before and after.jpg

This 6-week course will be comprised of 6 themes that I will teach you about in a weekly series. Each lesson will include several drawing assignments for you to complete and submit to the comments section for that week’s lesson.

I encourage all people who are taking the course to upvote each others’ comments. This way, you will be getting paid to learn how to draw, and you’ll have that much more incentive to complete your assignments!

I will upvote every assignment submitted into the comments for a time period of one month from the original lesson date. And I will give feedback and instruction as needed for every assignment that is submitted, as long as the submission is from someone who has re-Steemed that lesson.

I have a ton of work to do to get this ready for an online tutorial version, but I would like to begin the 6-week course in September. If you’re interested in taking this course, be sure to follow me and let me know in the comments.

*there is a small catch. I will give feedback on homework and guidance to anyone who enrolls in this course. How do you enroll on Steemit? Follow, Upvote, AND Re-Steem each lesson. If you don’t want to re-Steem, that’s ok. You can still take this course for free as I will be sharing all of the lessons here. You’ll obviously be able to see my feedback for others’ homework as well, so you’ll be able to get tons of value if you just want to silently follow along. But I think it’s a fair “price” to pay for getting instruction and feedback, all for the low low price of a follow + 1 up-vote and re-Steem per lesson! Again- if you’re interested, please comment so I can get an idea of demand. I look forward to seeing your results!


Looking forward to it! I've been drawing (more like doodling) my entire life, and I'm better than many, but in my opinion, still not too good at it. Maybe the reason is, like you mentioned, treating drawing as a skill that is learned on a case-by-case basis, rather than as a way of seeing the world through a different lens. Thank you for your insight and I look forward to seeing all of the posts in the course! Upvoted!

This sounds great! Such a great initiative and I do hope that you benefit greatly during and following the sharing process. :c)

Any opportunity to improve my very modest artistic abilities would be welcome. /:c)

Resteeming this great offer.

Thank you! I appreciate that!

This content seems like a good candidate for the #steemiteducation tag. Are you aware of it? Here's the blog. It'll certainly help your course reach more of the people interested in participating.

Thanks to @pathforger for re-steeming, or I wouldn't have seen it myself!

Haha! Obviously, this is not intended for folks who are already well practiced and confident in their drawing abilities. This is for people who think they can't draw.

I'm a follower of your work and appreciate what you do.

wow! that was very nice of you to say thank you. only the naive feel they can't be forever learning at all levels of experience. I'm sure we can learn a little bit from each other. Arts awesome! lets continue to grow a community that helps each other to create more of it.

"only the naive feel they can't be forever learning at all levels of experience."

Such truth. <3

Nice concept...av always envied ma folks who are into painting, i had to pay for some of their works to get them on ma wall, would have love to follow the lecture but for 6 weeks???

Any skill takes some time to develop! It's only a couple of drawing assignments per week.

I am interested!

such an awesome idea! :) when will you start?

This is a really good idea, I'm definitely interested :)

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