Three Friends - Drawing

in drawing •  2 months ago

Three Friends, pencil and fineliner on paper, 20 x 14 cm.

My last drawing (see previous posting), I had already started at home, but this one I've made by Peter @gric. For me, it's always interesting to see how far my experiences and feelings are included into my works. Like in this drawing.
Last week I spend a couple of beautiful and harmonious days with 2 fellow artists, that's why the title :) Three friends.

Drei Freunde.jpg






3 freunde - Thx.jpg

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Bonito y mágico paisaje, en el que tres seres se fusionan en uno, dentro de un ambiente tranquilo y acogedor. Ese ser que surge de la fusión está lleno de motivos decorativos que se repiten ritmicamente dando peso, variedad y alegría a la composición.


Muchas gracias! :)

Gorgeous. Love this one a lot, Krasnec :).          
I'm not sure if you have read or watched War of the Worlds, but this reminds me of their alien ^^.        


Thanks @scrawly! No, I didn't watched this one.

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Thanks so much! :)

Very nice, Vesna <3 I always love the spindly stalks that sometimes manifest in your canvases, and how the flowers blossom terrifically at the petals <3

Wonderful bonds you've captured here, of three friends <3


:-) thanks so much!

I can see some influence of your surroundings, like, where you were at.
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Danke Otto! :)

amazing detail well done wow

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