Can you guys draw this for me?

in drawing •  7 months ago

Okay plagiarism is strictly prohibited here in steemit.

So I need your little help.

I don't have a graphics tablet to do this.

So I need someone to draw this for me.

Can you copy and draw this photo below (black and white)?

and send it to me at

Please note I'm new and I don't have a lot of SBD so I can't reward 

you right now with SBD or STEEM.

Maybe in the future I can send you some SBD when I accumulated a lot of SBD

But for now I don't have so you need to do this for FREE.

As a reward I can put your steemit username as a credit to your hard work.

If you are interested please just send your black and white

finish work at including your steemit username.

Don't forget to comment below if you already sent your work to my email.

Thank you very much.

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